I'm sure you think you have seen every hat/cap there is in the planet, or even if by chance you have, that you know all their names. Well, think again. This glossary would list out different names of hats you see around and some you probably have never seen.

Some hats have been around for a very long time and are still very relevant till date. Here, I will give a name to all the hats you must have come across. This way, when next you go shopping for a new fancy hat, instead of asking for that "grey hat at the back" you'll know what to ask for.

Baseball Cap

This is the most common type. It was initially worn by base ballers but now is worn by almost every one of every age range. It is a very stylish cap and a good fashion accessory.

Knit Cap

Also known as skull cap or ski cap; it is mostly used for very cold seasons. From the name, you can tell that it is knitted.


These caps were made popular by military and paramilitary groups. It is a force cap, but now it is also popular amongst students and fashion lovers.

Bowler Hat

Bowler hats are smallish curved rounded crown English hats. This hat is similarly rounded all around. It is old-fashion from as far back as the 1850s yet, it still finds its way in present looks and dress codes. Its name was brought about by its founders which last names were Bowler.

Bucket Hat

It's a hip hat that is worn by every age range for fashion, style and it's very convenient too.

Cowboy Hats

From the name you know it originated amongst the cowboys, farmers, ranchers and horse riders from back in the days. Its fat and round look portrays its own unique western style and also protects its wearers from the harsh sun rays. These hats are still very famous amongst the Mexicans and West Americans.


Fedoras are made of soft materials and are recognizable by its pinched front. Its crease travels lengthwise on the crown and its brim extends out and sometimes bends down over the eyes for added style/swag. Most fedora hats have a hat in its middle.
Fedoras in present are often associated with wealth and class.

Porkpie Hat

It's a classic hat worn mostly by European jazz and blues musicians. It features a short and indented flat top. A lot of men and women of the 19th Century wear this type of hat. It's called pork pie hat because of its shape

Trapper hat/Winter hat

Trapper hats are also known as fur hats. They are an accessory ideal for really cold weathers. The hat is designed not only to keep the head warm and fashionable, but also to keep the ears warm too.

Trilby Hat

It consists of soft felt material and a narrow brim to dazzle its sharp slick crown. The materials used to make the hat are mostly wool, rabbit hair and tweed. The trilby hats originated in London.

Top Hat

If you're familiar with American politics you would be familiar with the famous Abraham Lincoln hat which are long and firm textured. Magicians and performers wear it a lot still. It's very classy and fashionable.

Fez Hat

It's a hat that is the shape of a flask and is most commonly red in colour. The hat is usually made of felt and it doesn't have a brim. Worn mostly by some religions, and some government official in southern Asia

Floppy Hats

A retro style that was common in the '70s. They are a classic beach accessory worn by women. The wide brims on the floppy hats offer protection from the rays of the sun. They are made of fabrics such as canvas, wool, felt or cotton.

The New Boy Cap

Some people refer to it as the Oliver twist hat. It's a casual hat that has a round, puffy body and is marked with its trademark button on top. It's worn by both men and women in present times into fashion for both men and women in recent years.

Panama Hat

This hat originates from Ecuador. It was traditionally made using a plant called the Toquilla straw plant. They are great for hot climates and they also complement dress suits or other semi casual looks.


This is a Scottish hat with a checkered band that comes with a tail-like rope.

Face Caps

These are regular caps for fashion and shade. Very classy and are worn by golfers and fashion forward individuals.