20 Style Resolutions for the New Year for Men

Welcome to the New Year! Some of us are ready to kick it off with our long list of New Year resolutions. some New Year resolutions may read: no drinking, more exercises, more vegies, be nicer and all, but there are the very important fashion style resolutions you must make to ascertain that you fit into the fashionable class of 2016, and that you are identified as been fashion forward this year. The only thing left to prepare for a cracking 2016 now is your style resolutions. Get inspiration from the 15 style resolutions listed below and use it to step up your style this New Year.

1.   Personality upgrade (attitude and physique)Smile more, stay happy and work out on your physical appearance too

2.   Start a sport (to stay fit, and socialize) Get involved in any kind of sport to keep yourself fit and allow you meet new people.

3.   Find a haircut & facials that fits and stick with it.

4.  Make sure to work on smelling nice and inviting if your old cologne wasn't so good, switch it for one which lasts and perfectly describes your personality. On the other hand, if your last cologne was good, stick with it.

5.   Get 3 or more PAIRS OF high branded, quality shoes

6.   Get 2 0r 3 Bespoke suits( in black, navy blue and grey)

7.   Get a luxury wrist watch preferably Gold or Silver

8.   Get a pair of coloured blazers or jacket.

9.   Get party shoes and stop wearing office shoes to the club.

10.   Lots and lots of original white tees.

11.   Get one sharp well fitted tux

12.   Start paying more attention to accessorizing a little touch of accessories here and there would redefine your look.

13.   Floss more. Try teeth whitening. With good dentition you can dazzle any audience. Fresher breath and a set of whiter teeth also boost self-confidence.

14.   Try new colours (experiment a bit) don't be scared to try colours you're not very used to. Explore all the wonderful colours around with jeans and shirts.

15.   Make sure your tailor Is up to date on the latest styles.  if not, change your tailor.

16.   Stop wearing socks with footwear's that shouldn't go with socks.

17.   Keep a well-organized wardrobe. Your wardrobe does not have to be super big but if you want to easily pair your cloths and keep notes of what you have or need, you have organize your clothes and accessories properly.

18.   No more oversized or undersized shirts/pants and yes, no more skinny jeans please.

19.   Throw out all worn out shoes. Once they old get rid of them, they were not built to last for 10 years

20.   Contrary to people's opinion about men caring for their skin, I would actually advise that men should pay more attention to their skin this year.