7 Ways to Keep Your Shoes Odour Free

Wearing shoes that smell can not only be gross, it can also be embarrassing, especially when you forget and pull them off in front of that girl you like and then she asks "what's that smell?" You quick think of something to blame the smell on while you make faces like you have no clue where the smell is coming from and this goes for the ladies as well, don't make him throw-up when he cannot handle the smell of your feet.

We are here to help with that, giving you the best and easiest tip on how to keep your shoes odourless.

Tip 1:   Shoes that fit

Always make sure you wear shoes that fit right for your feet as loose shoes can make your feet smell more than the usual apart from not being comfortable enough to walk about with. Try out shoes before buying if you are not sure of your size. You can also wear shoes that have breathable fabrics, it will help in cutting down odour and your feet sweating. The best breathable fabrics are cotton, leather, hemp and linen. You shouldn't just wear shoes that fit, also wear breathable fabric shoes.

Tip 2:   A Pair of Socks a Day Keeps the Odour Away

Also, socks that are made of breathable cotton can help in absorbing some of the moisture from your feet, keeping your feet a little bit cleaner. Whether you are wearing flats or shoes with heels, you can wear socks that wouldn't have to show which are called no show socks. They are usually cut just after covering the back of your heel, the bottom of your feet, sides and your toes. You can wear socks when it is possible and convenient for you.

Tip 3:   New Insoles or linings

Make everyone around you by ditching your old dirty insoles for a fresh pair. You can get odour control insoles that can be cut to fit the shape of your sole and come in different colours. These are very helpful for high heels, open-toes shoes and sandals. They can be secured in the shoes with double sided tapes which would help keep it in place and also make it easy to remove. Anti-microbial linings that contain sliver can help in reducing the growth of bacteria the cause odour in shoes.

Tip 4:   I Got Baking Soda… and Alcohol

It isn't new to anyone about the prowess of baking soda as it is well known that it can be used for a lot of things, including keeping your shoes odour free. Deodorize your shoes with baking soda overnight, just sprinkle a bit in each shoe and leave it while you sleep at night. In the morning, before you put them on take them out and clap together to get rid of any excess soda left in them.

Also alcohol is another good options to keep the odour away. Dip a cotton bud in the bottle of alcohol and rub on the insides of your shoes, which would help kill the smell just like baking soda would have done.

Tip 5:   Freezing or Sunning Your Shoes

You can also freeze your shoes. Put them in big-size sealable plastic freezer bags and into the freezer overnight. The cold would kill any bacteria or fungus causing the odour.

It's sunny outside, then just put your shoes outside so they can get some sunlight. Sunlight is very effective in killing the smell causing bacteria and one of the easiest ways to make sure your shoes don't smell bad.

Tip 6:   Personal Hygiene, Deodorant or Baby Powder on Your Feet

Personal hygiene goes a long way in making your feet and shoes stay odour free. Wash your feet on a daily basis, with antibacterial soap. If it is bacteria or fungus that is causing your shoes to smell, then it is best to attack the smell from its source. When taking a shower daily, give your feet a good scrub down with antibacterial or antimicrobial soap. Washing them daily like this might cause them to dry out, if they do, just moisturize them well and consider washing them every other day.

You can either spray some deodorant on your feet or apply baby powder on them before putting them on in the morning. This would help keep you from any embarrassment by keeping any smell from creeping out. Both might sound weird but remember that you sweat on your feet also and these are good ways to reduce the sweating from your feet which would in turn reduce the smell.

Tip 7:   Washing Your Shoes

If none of the options above suits your style, then you can just wash your shoes. Mind you this would only work with shoes that are washable. Treat your shoes to a bath by either tossing them in the washing machine or hand washing with detergent or with a brush for scrubbing. Remember to clean the inside the insoles too and dry them out well in the sun before you put them on again. Wearing damp shoes might cause them to smell, even more than usual, so it's best we avoid that.

Extra Tips on Keeping Them Odour Free

1.   Always dry your feet thoroughly before putting your shoes on, this would help prolong the life of your shoes too.

2.   Bath helps a lot. Sometimes it might not be your shoes, so have a bath every night and scrub your feet well.

3.   Try putting fresh orange peels at the end of the day and leave till morning, this should help get rid of the shoe stench.

4.   Putting some baby powder in the shoe also can with the stench, just like putting them on your feet before putting on your shoes.

5.  • When in public, avoid putting your leg in water puddles or mud. This will cause not only your shoes but also your feet to stink.