How to pay with MTN Mobile Money?

Choose the option MTN Mobile Money

Payment option

Click on the Mobile Money option in the menu on the left.

Fill in the MTN number and confirm the order

1-Enter the MTN phone number you wish to use to make the payment

2-Click the button"confirm order".

Authorize payment

Once you have confirmed the order on our site; MTN sends you a notification with a window on your mobile. The payment is initiated. Please type in your Mobile Money PIN code to initiate the payment of your order, (You have one minute to accept it). and press "send"

Payment validated! Your order will be prepared!

You receive the payment confirmation SMS.

* At the end of the process you will be redirected to a confirmation page and taking into account your order.

*Payment restrictions by MTN Mobile Money: Please note that under certain conditions (for specific regions, points, products or amounts), the option "payment by MTN Mobile Money" may not be available

It's simple, practical and safe!

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