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Bluetooth Connectivity Wireless Mouse & Key Board Kit

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Pairing the Keyboard
Now that your computer is ready to use the latest Bluetooth technologies, it's time to unpack your keyboard and insert the batteries.

Trying to insert the batteries in the compartment can drive you crazy if you don't understand that you need to rotate the two locks, using, for example, a coin. Otherwise, it pops out neatly and inserting the batteries is straightforward.

Switch the keyboard on by sliding the switch located underneath it toward the Apple logo. Make sure that it is fully pushed back. Otherwise the keyboard may look like it's turned on but won't be recognized by your Mac.

Open the "System Preferences" application, and click on the "Bluetooth" control pane. Then click on the "Devices" tab and on "Set up new device".

The assistant that appears is very easy to use. Once you have picked "Keyboard" as the device type, wait until the name "Apple Wireless Keyboard" appears in the list, not just the series of numbers that make up the device ID.

You will be asked to enter a code on the keyboard to secure the pairing. Feel free to use the numerical pad to do that. However, you really must type "return", not use the enter button located next to the number keys. By the way, there is no feedback on your screen while you type.

Setting up your keyboard
The "Keyboard and Mouse" control pane will allow you to give a name to your keyboard--something you may want to do if there are multiple keyboards in a room--and to see the level of the batteries.

Pairing your mouse
When you insert the batteries, make sure that it is turned off. Underneat the cover toward the top of the mouse you will see a tiny slider to adjust the click strength. If you know your setting from the trusty Apple Pro Mouse, change it now.

The batteries provided by Apple are of a special kind. These are two non-rechargeable AA lithium batteries, designed to deliver power over a long period of time. Some sites have criticized Apple's decision because these batteries are more expensive or more difficult to find in certain countries. You can also use alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries if you like.

Turn the mouse on and open the Bluetooth Setup Assistant. As with the keyboard, wait until the full name appears in the list of devices before you pair. Since you can't enter a code with a mouse, the assistant will attempt to pair automatically with it. In my tests, I noticed that clicking the mouse once while it tries to pair seems to speed the process up.
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