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Bathing is an important process in our daily life. After a long day especially, we look forward to washing off the stress of the day from the body. And the secret about bathing is that it helps to relax and relieve the body of stress, minus of course, making one feel revived and fresh. Bathing at night also makes one sleep better.

Bathing and smelling good go hand in hand. No matter how much perfumes products we use, if we don't wash the body properly, we most likely develop body odor in no time. Smelling good is an important thing, for both men and women, old and young. Most times, it does not just end at using perfumes, colognes or body sprays. The soaps and body wash we use matters too. This is because no matter how neat and well-dressed one looks, people would always avoid you if you smell bad.

Now, think of a way to bathe and smell good at the same time. One way to achieve both is by using sweet smelling body wash products. These are liquid products that are used for washing away the dirt from one's body. They are also known as shower gels or shower creams.

Body wash comes in different fragrances and each of these smells have their different effects on the senses and the body. Generally, body wash in a hot tub goes a long way in relaxing a person, but depending on the smells surrounding you, they can do a whole lot more. Some of them include:

• To increase confidence: try scents like jasmine, frankincense and sandalwood. Body wash with these scents would be perfect for before you head out for the day or a night out.
• Memory retention: for a better and sharper memory, try scents like jasmine, lavender, rosemary and lemon.
• For relieving anxiety: after a long day of worrying about your boss or everything else, it is important to ease those tense muscles. Go for body wash with bergamot, rose, peach, rose, orange, lavender or frankincense.
• Scents to ease depression: go for scents like bergamot, grapefruit, orange, lavender and lemon.
• Scents that act as aphrodisiacs: these include jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla and rose.
• To reduce stress and insomnia: try cloves, bergamot, chamomile, cinnamon, orange, and sandalwood.

When shopping for body wash, it is important to consider the kind of skin you have, so that you don't end up buying products that would hurt the skin at the end of the day. Body wash comes in two formulas, and with their functions, one should be able to decipher which type would work best for their skin.
Shower gels: they are like shampoos. Mostly made of water and detergent, their main aim is to clean the body. Most of them have conditioning ingredients in them that keep the skin from drying out. They are suitable for normal and oily skin types.
Moisturizing body washes: these almost look like lotions, and are slightly thicker. They have a lot of oil in them, and are good for deep moisturizing. They do not leave the skin dry but they tend for feel sticky. They are quite expensive but are great for people with normal skin.

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