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Most Popular Book Genres

Books are written and printed sheets fastened together containing information used for education, entertainment or edification. They can also be referred to as literature. The most popular genres of books according to popularity are children's fiction topping the list, followed by fantasy books then mystery books, classic literary fiction, modern literary fiction, magic realism books, historical fiction and then young adult (YA) fiction.

Reading isn't just for school purposes, or just to pass some exams and graduate to the next level. Studies have shown that reading has more benefits than that, some of which are listed below.

• Helps to develop verbal abilities: kids who get introduced to books and words early tend to have a good hang on their vocabulary as they grow up. Also with adults, the more you read, the more you expand your vocabulary and have more words in which you can express yourself when you speak.
• Relaxes you: picking up a good book helps one relax. As soon as you get engrossed in an interesting book, your muscles tend to relax and sometimes, this can even induce sleep.
• Helps to increase focus and concentration: when a book has got your attention, it is almost always very hard to pull yourself out of it. Although you can drop it when you choose to and do something else, it helps your focusing and concentration levels over the course of time.
• Builds your analytic and thinking skills: mystery and intrigue books always have a way of keeping you wondering and trying to figure out who the bad guy in the book is. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't. But at the end of the day, your mind is thinking and working and this helps your analytic skills to grow stronger.
• Increases your knowledge: this is probably one of the most important reasons anyone reads their books. The amount of knowledge you gain from reading books, web pages and even newspapers would always make you stand out among your peers and generally, make you better in life concerning your career and everything else. Like the popular saying goes, "no knowledge is wasted", so even if you read something you feel has nothing to do with you, it doesn't matter because it might come in handy someday.
• Improves your writing skills: for anyone who wants to be a writer, they should have read a lot of books. Not only does reading improve your vocabulary so you understand the right words, it also gives you a better idea of how to write a great piece.

Print Books versus e-Books

We are in the digital age and this transcends to almost everything going digital. These days, we have so many print books that have been adapted to electronic copies. Print books as well as e-books have their advantages.

Print Books: For people who like to see an actual library, they will prefer to invest in print books. Moreover, some studies suggest that reading on paper may improve memory retention. Also with print books, when you lose your page, it's quite easier compared to an e-book to find your last stop. Print is also easier on the eyes than the backlit display of e-books. A great advantage of the print book over the e-book is the fact that you don't need a charger or a full battery to enjoy a great book in one sitting.

e-Books: Bob Brown came up with the idea of the e-reader in his book, 'The Reader' and in 2010, e-books became very popular around the world. With e-Books, you can carry up to a hundred of them in just one device, you can search texts in an e-book file and you can easily open up the links in the reference section of an e-book with just a click. A great advantage of a pixel book over a print book is that you can read it in a very dark place and the fact that they don't clutter your living space or office space.

Most Popular Board Games

For weekends and holidays, families and friends can come together to do a lot of things. They can plan dinner dates, going to the movies, picnics and many more. One interesting thing to do with family and friends is to play board games. These can be very exciting, competitive and generally engaging. Check out these board games that will keep you excited with family and friends for the next holiday.

Chess: This is the most sold board game ever. It is a very popular game and it engages one's analytical reasoning ability. The aim of this game is to capture your opponent's king.

Checkers: This game is also known as Draughts. Just like chess, it is played by two people on a white and black tiled board. The winner emerges when a player captures all his opponent's discs.

Monopoly: One of the most interesting board games there is. This game appeals to its players' business acumen. The game allows to you earn as much money (game money) as your business skills can allow as well as buy property and so many other things. During its first year, Monopoly sold over 20,000 copies a week.

Scrabble: This game is known as the world's leading word game. It is based on vocabulary building and spelling. This is an educational game and it is recommended for students.

Ludo: This is a game for 2 to 4 people. Here, the players race their token and rounds are determined by die rolled. The winner is the player who checks out first that is the player who circles all his tokens round the board first.

Snakes and Ladders: This is an ancient Indian board game and it is today played all over the world. It is played by two or more players on a board which has numbered squares and pictures of snakes on some squares and ladders on some other squares. Die are cast by players to determine each player's movement. The first player who reaches the finish line, which is the highest number on the board, emerges as the winner.