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The breasts are a part of the body that has to be well taken care of to prevent issues like breast cancer and other diseases. One of the many ways to do that is to wear good bras. A bra, or brassiere, is a kind of women's lingeries and nightwear worn to support the breasts. They are worn for a great many reasons, some of which include women wanting to cover their breasts and keep their nipples from poking out when they wear any clothing. Also, wearing a bra could be attributed to the size of breasts because like earlier mentioned, the breasts need to be supported. Mostly, women wear bras to also give fitting to the upper part of the body.

There are different types of bras; maternity, sports bra and the rest. Some of them are explained in detail below.

• Full cup: this kind of bra is designed for all kinds of breast sizes, but is very suitable for women with heavy breasts, because it has a cup that covers the entire breast.
• Padded bras: these are made especially for women with small breasts. It has an inner lining that is padded to give volume to the breasts.
• Demi cup: these types of bras are also known as half cup bras because they cover only half of the breasts. They are perfect for clothes with low-cut necklines because they expose a huge part of the breast.
• Push up bras: these are designed to press the breasts up to create cleavage and are suitable for women with small breasts.
• Strapless bras: this kind has a band that gives all the support because it doesn't have any straps that go over the shoulders. They are suitable for strapless women's tops or women's dresses.
• Training bras: these are made for young teenage girls that are just beginning to develop breasts. They are worn to get the girl to get accustomed to the feeling of wearing a bra.

It is important to know how to care for your bras. You can easily try out some of the different ways mentioned below.

• Wash your bra properly, and always try to hand wash because bras are really delicate and any other method might ruin them or spoil them faster. Also remember to clasp them shut before washing.
• Always rotate your bras. Never wear one twice in a row.
• Dry your bras properly. You should never put wet or soaked bras around your breasts, it is unhealthy.
• Make sure you store your bras properly. This helps to keep the bras from being folded in a weird way and ruining the cups or bands.
• Always use gentle detergent to wash, again, because of how delicate the materials bras are made of are.

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