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Cream Candle Holder with Different Signs

Cream Candle Holder with Different Signs

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Candle Holders

Candles are a necessity around the home. They help to light up the room when there is power outage. Some of them have scents that are used for relaxation and baths. Some are used as home décor . Some of them are used in the churches and altars. At the end of the day, candles are used for a whole lot more than just lighting up the room; some people even light a candle in remembrance of the dead. Nevertheless, candles can be very dangerous when they're not placed properly. For example, it is very risky to put a candle close to curtains or on the tip of a table to avoid it falling off and lighting up the room in a fire. It is also deadly to put candles on a plastic holder so that the candle doesn't burn out and melt the plastic which could also lead to a fire. All these and more are reasons why people need candle holders.

A candle holder is basically an item in which someone can put a candle on. The candle stand keeps the candle steady, making sure it does not fall. These candle holders are also made of items that cannot melt and can withstand heat from something even as small as a candle.

There are different types of candle holders, and they vary according to the kind of candle they can hold, their shapes, colors and the materials they are made with. Some of them are listed below:
Candlesticks: these have a built-in drip guard that catches the drips of melted wax coming off the melting candle, although not all of them come with this feature and some have to be put on a tray to protect the surface on which it is placed. Candle sticks are the most popular kind of candle holders and they are usually used to hold tapered candles.
Fitted candle holders: these are used to hold a specific kind of candle, for example, the votive candle. They can be made from metal or glass and a great feature of these types of candle holders is that the wax that drips out is completely contained in the holder.
Lantern candle holders: these are rather fancy candle holders that have a certain old charm around them that is mixed with modern beauty to produce a perfect blend. They are generally box shaped, with glass sides that allow the light to shine through them. It also has an opening at the top that allows air to enter and keep the candle burning. They are made from fireproof materials like glass, clay and metal.
Open candle holders: these types of candle holders are open on all sides. The base of the open candle holder can sit on a table and also be a tall stand from the floor. It can also be hung suspended from the ceiling. They usually have spikes that the candle is placed on to keep it in place.

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