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Find charging accessories from the biggest electronic brands on Jumia. Whether you need a new charger for mobile phones and tablets, Jumia has a large selection of the newest products available to buy online. From a cheap Blackberry charger to an external backup charger for the latest Samsung smartphone, on Jumia we have a diverse selection of mobile phone charging products for you to choose from. Also available are a variety of charger accessories for leading tablet manufacturers including Apple and Lenovo as well as replacement charging cables for laptops. Jumia offers portable charging solutions and wall charging units from Blackberry, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia. Invest in the latest solar charging technology and portable power banks for the best price on Jumia - our online platform that connects buyers with a range of the latest technology deals.

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Our huge selection of charging products on Jumia is constantly being updated with the latest deals, to ensure you get the best prices for your next charger purchase. We offer access to a range of the latest technology from top manufacturers including Samsung, Dell, Apple, Blackberry and more. Take advantage of solar powered charging and reduce your need to find an electric power source to keep your mobile, laptop or tablet functional - great for users who are often out and about and want to remain connected! We also feature a range of traditional wall charging units and cables. We aim to provide you with a one-stop solution for all of your charging needs - we provide the latest deals on chargers and continually update our range so that you always get the best selection of the latest technology.

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Mobile phones and tablets have really taken a rise in the world of information, communications, and technology. The modern world has almost everyone in dire need of a phone or a tablet to carry out their daily tasks and objectives. Failure to have either of the two may result in devastation for the owner. And even if you do have them, it is important to keep them on. We have all suffered the stress and inconvenience of having a dead phone. That unfamiliar sinking feeling of your world online going offline suddenly hits you and the absence of a power source can prove to be quite the problem. But thanks to Uganda's number one online marketplace, you can now keep your phone or tablet battery full at all times. Jumia offers a range of power banks and portable chargers that will keep your gadget on whenever you need it most. Besides being affordable, these products are so pocket-friendly that you can literally carry them around in your pocket for whenever the need arises. These chargers and power banks are availed from a number of brands and labels and are built to suit your gadget. So visit Jumia today and get your hands on a charger for your mobile phone or tablet.