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Top Computer Brands

Apple: This brand is well-known for the MacBook. It is known by many to be the world's preferred personal computer. The MacBook was the best-selling laptop in the United States in 2008. In 2015, a new MacBook line was launched and they are in a variety of colours such as grey, silver and gold.

Dell: This brand manufactures, distributes and repairs computers and related products. It is one of the largest technological corporations in the world and in 2014; it was listed as number 51 in the Fortune 500 list. Dell is currently the leading shipper of PC monitors in the world.

HP: The Hewlett-Packard Company became world's leading PC manufacturer from 2007 to 2013. The brand has made its name for producing personal computers, data storage, hardware, servers, software, printers, scanners, fax machines, and many more products.

Lenovo: This is a Chinese brand which manufactures designs and develops personal computers, smartphones, tablets, servers, workstations, storage devices, software, smart televisions and many more. In 2015, the brand became the world's largest personal computer vendor. The brand is popularly known for its ThinkCenter line of desktops and the ThinkPad line for notebooks.

Acer: This is a Taiwanese brand which manufactures hardware and electronic products. Acer produces desktops, laptops, tablets, storage devices, LED, LCD and Plasma TVs, servers, smartphones and many more. The brand was known to be the 6th largest personal computer vendor in 2015. Till date, Acer owns the largest franchised retail chain which is popularly known as Acerland.

Sony: This is a Japanese brand which produces electronics, entertainment (motion pictures), computer hardware, gaming and others. It is one of the leading brands of electronic products for consumer and professional markets. In 2015, it ranked 116th in the Fortune Global 500 list. In 2013, Sony became the 4th largest television manufacturer in the world.

Samsung: This is a South Korean brand which delves into areas such as insurance, food processing, textiles production, securities, production of personal computers, mobile phones, tablets and many more.

Asus: This is a Taiwanese brand which is known for the production of computer hardware and electronic products. Asus produces laptops, desktops, netbooks, tablets, monitors, networking equipment, mobile phones, projectors, multimedia products, storage products, servers, wearables, motherboards and peripherals.

Toshiba: This is a Japanese brand which produces communications equipment, electronic products, household appliances, medical equipment, office equipment, lighting, personal computers, computer hardware and many more. The brand became the 5th largest personal computer vendor in 2010.

Laptop Buying Guide

Having known the top brands of personal computers, you may want to consider certain factors before getting a particular laptop models. When you shop laptops and desktops, some factors are considered due to personal preferences. This is good but you also have to take not of specifications that will meet your reason for getting the laptop as well as how durable a particular PC model can be. Here are important things to look out for:

Select an Operating System platform: You can select whether you want a Mac, a Windows, Chrome or any other OS. The Mac OS comes with Apple laptops, the Windows OS comes with other laptops and they are the most user friendly OS, while the Chrome OS comes with Chromebooks.

Selecting a screen size: The screen size determines if the laptop will be portable or not. Larger screen sizes will mean bigger laptops. Selecting a screen size is determined by what exactly you want to use your laptop for. Laptops usually come in sizes ranging from 11" to 18".

Keyboard quality: If you are going to be using your laptop for a lot of typing sessions, you must consider getting one which has comfortable keypads. Get laptops with keypads that are very responsive.

CPU and RAM: CPUs come in Core i3, i5 even to i7. The higher the Core number, the better the laptop will run. This is also the same for the RAM. The higher number of gigabytes a RAM has, the faster the operation of the laptop will be.

Storage: Depending on what you are getting your PC for, it is better to get one with ample storage space so that you can easily store in all your documents and more.

Battery: Consider the rating of the battery in Watt/hour or milliamp/hour (mAH). The larger these are will mean that the battery will last longer.

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