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Baby Toilet Seats for Early Potty Training

Potty training is a stage where your little baby begins to learn to use the loo without having to depend on diapers. It is not an easy stage for either mother or child because transitioning into a routine that is not the norm could be quite difficult on the child, especially if the mother is not patient. Other times, it could be that the child is not the right age to be potty trained but the parents' force them because they feel like the time is right or because they're too busy and need to have an independent child.

Kids' potty training entails quite a lot of things, it isn't just sitting the kid on the loo and waiting for them to understand what you want them to do. First of all, you have to know if the baby is ready for that level of independence. The things to look out for include:

• Baby has started to walk
• Baby does not like the feel of a wet or soiled diaper.
• Baby has dry diapers for over two hours, which means they hold pee in for a longer time.
• Baby can pull down their pants and take them up
• Baby knows how to put things where they belong

When you begin to potty train your kid, it is important not to expect that they adapt immediately. You need to be patient and monitor their progress, know what to change and leave. For starters, when you begin the process, you can leave them with their lower bodies unclad once in a while. You can also dress them up in clothes that are easy to remove so they won't have to struggle when they eventually feel like peeing or pooing. Also watch them closely and motivate them. Encourage them when they stay dry, and do not yell or scold them when they're wet.

Although there is no particular stipulated time, potty training should begin around the time when your baby is 21 months to when they're about 36 months. It might take longer or lesser for them to fully master the art; it mostly depends on the babies and the way the training is handled.

Let Your Baby Enjoy the Benefits of the Toilet Potty

Using toilet trainer seats are a stage every kid must go through and it is usually fun, especially when it is done the right way. There are different types of potties, depending on what you're going for. Stand alone, or potty chairs, are used apart from the toilet. They usually have a container that can be detached and the contents deposited in the bathroom. Over-the-toilet potty allows the child to sit comfortably on the toilet without the risk of falling in.

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