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A feature phone is a category of mobile phones; the term is usually used to describe low-end mobile phones which are restricted in capabilities in contrast to modern smartphones. Feature phones typically provide a range of functionalities from voice calling and text messaging to basic multimedia and internet capabilities, and other services offered by the user's wireless service provider and permitted by the feature phone.
The best way to differentiate the three groups is to keep in mind its features and as a result cost. If a phone just makes a voice call, enables you send a text message and offers very little else, it is a mobile phone. If it offers a high-megapixel camera, enables you to edit Microsoft Office documents and photos then it’s a smartphone while anything in between is probably a feature phone.
Most of us love our smartphones, but not everyone needs one. For some people, a phone that makes phone calls, maybe keep track of our phone numbers, and is easy to text on is more than enough. Whether it's to save money on mobile data or to keep complexity down. Perhaps they're for that family member or friend who just doesn't care for the complexity and apps that come with iOS or Android, or whether it's for you, tired of paying for data plans, this is your last stop if you’re looking for a feature phone.

Benefits and Requirements of Featured Phones

Power requirements are usually low, which in turn means extended talk and standby times approximately a month to next recharge (and no, it’s not the famous Nokia 3310). In some cases, this makes it possible not to use grid power at all, you could recharge through more autonomous means, such as cars’ charging ports, or even personal computers, if the feature phone supports USB charging.
It offers less complexity which could be for it to offer simpler functionality to people who are not inclined to more complex technologies. Some companies and organizations may often want to provide their employees with a modest communications device, and as a result, purchase in bulk. This, in turn, reduces the individual price for each phone.
For various levels of safety and security, companies may require phones that is lacking a camera, or has little to no storage and no communications functionality beyond voice call/basic talking;
Anticipated loss, damage, or reasonably reckless use: Basic and feature phones are often more sturdy, less complex, and more reasonably priced than smartphones, and for these reasons are preferred as "travel phones" or "child's phones", and sometimes, for field use scenarios.
The devices' affordability means that an eventual loss or damage of the phone is manageable, and usually, serves as a discouragement for theft in mature markets.
Basic and feature phones are preferred for travel purposes because they can contain little to no sensitive information that immigration officials in some countries are very ardent on getting their hands on for any reason at all.

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