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Headphones or earphones as most people call it are objects used for personalizing sound from an audio enabled device such as; phones, tabs, laptops, and so many others. They are portable and are listening devices that have constructed for its user to wear around their head, they transfer sounds straight from the devices to its user's ears. The best definition for an earphone would be that they are sound devices are electroacoustic transductions, which transform electrical waves to an equivalent sound in its user's ears. Headphones are made to be used by a single user at a time, to listen to any audio enabled device in privately without inconveniencing people around or getting distracted, unlike speakers, which produces sound for the masses, with intent of spreading sound all through a specified surrounding.

The Importance of Headphones

In this present time, earphones evolved from just been an accessory, into becoming a necessity. There is a steady growth in the mobile phone world, making it almost possible for everyone to be able to afford a smart music enabled phone, also we have numerous music players around, it is almost compulsory that every one that owns or makes use of any of this gadgets owns a headset for private usage. Whatever reason you get a headset for. Whether for listening to music, watching a movie, or making calls on the phone, the earphones secure your audio reception giving you a privatized experience. Its uses are countless. Earphones have come a long way from using them for just Walkman's, to be used for super sound experiences with devices like cell phones, tablets, iPod and all other music players. Headphones are now a compulsory accessory that is featured with most of the gadgets when gotten new. They are the first accessory people look out for when they purchase a new device especially for mobile phones

Headphones that Complement Your Lifestyle

Technology keeps growing, and over the years, as its growing so have headphones; from their appearance to new features and functions. Nowadays, people buy earphones with specific needs that they require to be met. They want certain functions and features from the earphones, they expect them to cater to their lifestyle. That is what helps them in selecting what type or what brand of the product they think would work for them best. Fortunately, they are new super designs made by top earphone brands that have been carefully styled to satisfy their customers' requirements and desires. There are a lot of new brands, styles, features, and functions of different earphones to select from on this site. On Jumia you are guaranteed headphones that complement your lifestyle and desires

Types of Headphones and their Functions

• Ear buds - These are the first set of headphones we got used to. They are very affordable and offer good sound quality. And they just rest in the ear.
In-ear Headphones- These earphones are very common with smart phone companies, they are put inside your ears locking the sound inside it, good for noise isolation. They are not advisable to use for too long at a go, because of how deep they go into the ears.
• On-Ear Headphones - They cover your ear canals, and fully cover the outer flap of the ears too. They are easy fits and grasp your head. examples are Beats Solo 2 and Bose Sound Link On-Ear Headphones
Over-the-Ear Headphones – these earphones are large-sized compared to other headphones, they are heavier and are mostly used by professionals. They are used indoors in studios and the likes. They are very comfortable when put on, and its design allows clear sound waves and reduces sound spillage.

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