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Health Care: First Aid Treatments

First aid is basic knowledge about how to help people who are suddenly ill or physically hurt. Usually, first aid is used to help people who suddenly become ill until they can be taken to a hospital or clinic. A first aid kit is a box of essential or basic medical items which are useful to give a first aid treatment. People do not really need a lot of items or equipment to give first aid treatments. First aid tips are really important to know as they can come in handy to save a life. There are essential first aid tips that may come in handy. Some of them are:

For burns: For more serious burns, the victim should be rushed to the nearest hospital. For less severe burns, treat by holding beneath cool running water for about ten to fifteen minutes. Cover the area loosely with a sterile gauze bandage and make sure not to apply ice or ointment. Also, make sure not to break the blisters.

For cuts: In order to stop external bleeding, apply direct, continuous pressure with a clean cloth. This should stop the bleeding. However, if after about thirty minutes of pressure the bleeding continues, rush the victim to the nearest medical center. On the other hand, if the bleeding stops, clean the wound with clean water and no soap. After which, cover the wound with a clean bandage and make sure to change the bandage daily or whenever it gets dirty or wet. If you suspect signs of infection, visit a doctor.

Frostbite: This is a condition in which parts of your body such as your fingers, toes, etc freezes or almost freezes. Frostbite symptoms include numbness, swelling, aching or burn-like blisters, etc. To treat this, get the victim inside a warm room and remove cold or wet clothes that touch the affected area. Soak the frost-bitten area in warm water and make sure not to rub. Soak in until the skin softens and sensation returns. Wrap the frost-bitten area in sterilized bandages and make sure to look out for any sign of hypothermia.

Choking: This is the feeling of strangulation. People who are choking will often clutch their hands to their throats. This is the easiest sign to spot a victim. Other signs are difficulty breathing, inability to talk or cough, discolouration of the skin, lips and nails and eventually, loss of consciousness. The first aid act here is to hit the victim five times firmly on the back between the shoulder blades in order to dislodge the object which he or she is choking on. You could also perform five abdominal thrusts. Alternate between these two steps until the object is dislodged.

First Aid Boxes

First aid kits may be kept in cloth bags, plastic containers or metal boxes. The basic items which first aid boxes should contain are:

• Gloves for the helper's hands to protect the hands from directly touching the blood or wound of the victim.
• Dressings made of cloths which are needed to be used on wounds in order to stop bleeding.
• Bandages which are needed to hold dressings tight over wounds. These sometimes come in rolls.
• Tapes which are needed to hold on dressings and bandages.
• Scissors which are needed to cut tape, open clothing and to make more bandages and dressings.
• A first aid book which teaches basic first aid tips.
• Tweezers to remove splinters and thorns.

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