How to Enjoy Valentine's Day as a Single Girl

Our greatest misconception is that Valentine's Day is strictly for people who are in a romantic relationship. The belief is that there isn't really anything to celebrate when you don't have a lover on Valentine's Day. This has always had the effect of making single ladies feel like such losers when they have to watch their friends go off into the sunset with their beaux and they have to sit indoors and see a sad movie while eating ice cream and feeling depressed. All these negative emotions come about because they do not have anyone to go on a date with. The truth is, some of us would rather be single than be in a relationship where we don't feel loved and needed. No point pretending to be happy in that case, yeah?

Now the first thing you need to understand about surviving Valentine's Day is that you need to love yourself. No one can do it better for you. Appreciate yourself down to the tiniest bit of your whole being and realize that not being with someone at the moment doesn't change anything about how awesome you are.

Also, remember you're single for a reason. Never forget that or start to feel desperate because other people around you are in a relationship. It's not a competition.

Another thing you need to realize is that not being in a romantic relationship doesn't necessarily mean you don't have other relationships that bring you happiness. Remember your family and friends? Those people who love you unconditionally? Well, remember that their love is unconditional.

Bearing all these in mind, here are a few other tips to make your Valentine's Day a lot more fun.

1. Ignore your ex

This is the first rule of having fun on this day. You should not let your ex have any effect on you on this day. He may probably call you up because he is lonely and he needs someone to chill with and you might be left thinking that there is still something there. Truth is: your ex is your ex for a reason. Close that chapter and move on with your life.

2. Pamper yourself

Take yourself out to the spa. Eat all the chocolates and ice cream you promised yourself to stay away from. Play loud music and dance to it, splurge a bit at the mall. One important tip is to stay away from places like the movies, restaurants and the beach because there's every chance these places would be flooded with couples.

3. Host a singles' night dinner

Invite friends over; fill your place with laughter and food. Food goes a long way in curing depression and making people happy. Moreover, when you're in the midst of friends, you tend to forget your worries. This way, you would be making any depressed single friend of yours happy.

4. Exchange gifts with your single friends

Again, this is a way of making sure you and your friends have something to look forward to and no one is left out at the end of the day. Make a pact with your friends to exchange thoughtful gifts on Valentine's Day.

5. Hang out at a bar filled with single people

Go out with your single friends of either sex for the night. Paint the town red. If you're out with just your single female friends, go out to a bar in town which you know would be crawling with so many single people.