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Landline Phones Online in Uganda

Landline phones have been popular for several decades now. Although they were initially the most popular type of phones restricted to a few homes and offices, smartphones have become the order of the day in today’s world. As such, landline phones are restricted to a few numbers of places and mostly for official purposes. One, they are used in companies to facilitate communication between staff and other staff and between staff and customers. They can also be used as an official line for homes. One thing that differentiates them from mobile phones is that they are immobile and they are less sophisticated and complex. Also, they do not receive text messages like basic or smart mobile phones. They are usually large in size, having a mouthpiece receiver.

Buy Table Phones On Jumia Uganda

If you are looking for table phones to make and receive important calls, we have you very well covered on Jumia Uganda. Shop a variety of landlines or table phones right here on our platform at very affordable prices. Shop table phones for your home, hotel, office, bank, company and so on here. Order online and enjoy payment on delivery.