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LED TVs Online in Uganda

LED TVs stands for Light Emitting Diode Televisions. They are a type of flat panel display that uses an array of light emitting diodes as pixels in order to produce high definition and crystal clear video images. They are mostly used as billboards and information boards in stores due to their brightness. They provide general illumination as well as a good visual display of products and services. The LED technology is not only restricted to entertainment system but can be used for so many things by top organizations. The LED TV is the successor to the LCD TV. One major difference between them is that the formal doesn't make use of fluorescent for light but instead a series of light emitting diodes

LED TVs Buying Guide

One of the major advantages of the light emitting diode television is the energy efficiency of the appliance which helps to improve the blacks and contrast quality of the video image displayed. They are divided into three types which are white edge LED, full LED arrays, and local dimming LED. In choosing the right TV, there are few things to consider such as
Power Consumption: They are energy efficient and consume less power. They also produce little or no heat.
Screen Size: They have wider screen sizes of up to 90 inches.
Burn-in: They rarely produce static images that cause burn-in on the screen. They have very good refresh rate.
Lifespan: They have the longer lifespan than LCD TVs. They have 100,000 hours and above.
Cost: They are much more expensive than the liquid crystal display televisions.
TV Refresh Rate: This basically have to do with the number of frames the TV can draw per second. It is usually measured in Hertz. For a suitable flat screen TV, a minimum of 120Hz refresh rate is what you should look out for. This implies that it can draw 120 images in one second.
Connectivity: This is another important feature. This basically has to do with different connection ports on the TV such as USB ports and HDMI port. The USB port allows you plug flash/pen drives to the TV so you access the various video, audio and image files on the external storage media. The HDMI port is the high definition multimedia interface is used for transferring uncompressed video data and compressed or uncompressed digital audio data.

Where to Buy LED TVs in Uganda

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