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Women and their beauty routine are basically inseparable and they will do everything and anything to ensure that make up products are a constant in their shopping cart. If it is not Lipstick or Powders, then the latest angle brush, Kabuki brush or Make up brush set in entirety is on their mind and Jumia makes sure their needs are always met by stocking this category with the right kind of makeup tools that will interest a wide array of women. Face wipes is another essential beauty product that most women want to own because they come in handy after the day is over and the make up is ready to go off, not all the time is there going to be the strength for a cold bath, therefore Face wipes will make an absolutely perfect replacement.

Body spray, shower gel and more body care products Online

Beyond the face, beneath the clothes, there has to be utter perfection going on and that includes eradication of body odor and keeping a great look inside and out. Body spray and body mist is something else that almost every woman cannot do without, the need to have that lovely scent at all times is a strong feeling that women oblige to and at the end of the day spend a great deal of money on products like Victoria's secret Body mist and so on. Shower gel is the perfect body wash these days and every woman is investing a great deal in that, they are great for soft and supple skin and the goat milk is the remedy for any tough or hard skin.

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Nail polish is the close friend of modern women's manicure and pedicure and they are constantly spending a great deal of money buying this important accessory not to forget French tips for their nail care, all these make up the beauty category we have on Jumia, start shopping now.