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Redefined from the original medical purpose to a means to add style and finesse to your outfit, men's eyewear is now all about fashion in this new generation. They are originally designed to protect the eyes from harm and also help to aid vision, people rock eyewear to look cool and nice. Most worn by celebrities, they feel incomplete without their spectacles. This makes them stand out from the crowd and also give them that complete celebrity outlook. Eyewear are basically classified into glasses (eyeglasses or spectacles), contact lenses, and sunglasses. The most popularly worn eyewear is the sunglasses. They give this cool and nice feeling and at the same time shield your eyes from sunrays.

Men's Eyewear Buying Guide

There are several things to consider when choosing the perfect eyewear for your face. Most people just select according to how attractive the eyewear is which mostly results in them not feeling comfortable with it. Here are few things to consider

Eyewear Lens: There are different types of lens that comes with your eyewear. Since you probably need it for fashion reasons, you might not bother yourself with the type of lens that comes with it but it is important you have a knowledge about it. They may come in plastic lens, polycarbonate lens, and high index lens.

Frame Material: The material used in making the eyewear frame matters a lot. Since this will be worn on the face, getting comfortable should be considered. There are different materials used in making frames such as plastic, titanium, stainless steel and more. Each of these materials has its advantages over the other, some are more comfortable on the face than the others.

Frame Type: The frame type mainly depends on the shape of your face. No hard feeling but not all frames fit all faces, you'll probably look better on one frame type compared to other frames. So it is important you know the shape of face whether it is round, oval, square or heart shaped face. If you have a square shaped face, you should go for rounded or upswept shaped frames and thinner frames. If you have a round face, you should opt for bold shaped frames with fun colours and texture.

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