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Some say watches are to men what jewelries are to women. This theory is not entirely true. Arguably, some men's jewelry will look familiar to women, like chains or earrings, but other jewelry is intended for use with a man's specific clothing needs. For instance, if a man is the kind that enjoys wearing suits, then jewelry items such as men's cufflinks and tie clips will definitely do the trick. Alternatively, if a man is fond of donning a more casual style, jewelry such as necklaces and chains are ideal for a majority of their outfits. Most Ugandan men are drawn to plain gold or silver chains, but the few who appreciate necklaces are also bound to like pendants. Pendants are described as ornaments that are often worn suspended from necklaces or bracelets. They are extremely expensive in your regular malls and jewelry stores, but thanks to Jumia, you can now purchase them at the most affordable rates on the market. Pendants often carry meaning as religious symbols, crest or initials and are ideal jewelry gifts if you are shopping for someone. Uganda's largest online marketplace would be the most suitable place to find a range of jewelry for men. So you can easily browse our vast selection of jewelry to find the latest designs for earrings, rings, men's bracelets, chains, pendants, and necklaces made from a range of materials like wood, fabric, rubber, ceramics, shell and many others. So if you are shopping for men's jewelry, visit Jumia today and you are bound to be spoilt for choice.