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Sport or athletic shoes are delicate and determines the level of comfort you feel when working out. All work and no play will not only make anyone a dull person but also unhealthy and unfit. That's why every man, young or old, should certainly have these remarkable sports shoes in their footwear closet so that you can make sure you lead an active lifestyle. Running in the wrong size or unfitted shoe can be a sure way to unending injuries especially when running a long distance, a poorly made choice of footwear causes pains on the back, foot, knee and other parts of the body depending on the chosen workout style. Whether you prefer playing tennis on the weekends, jogging every day or venturing into the mountains, Jumia makes sure you get the best sports shoes! If you are into running, you can try our superb collection of lightweight running shoes and basketball shoes designed exclusively for athletics. When you choose reputable brands, like Puma, Adidas, Nike and more, you can benefit from their unique features and cut-edge technologies to help you achieve your sporting goals. Perhaps, dancing might be your way of staying fit. Well, our comfy men's sneakers are an irreplaceable choice for you. Maybe, you are a nature lover who enjoys cycling to shed off those extra kilos. Then, simply choose one from our adventure sports shoes.

The type of workout you practice will largely determine the type of footwear you would buy as there are different shoes for different activities like aerobics, walking, indoor exercise, track and running among others. The type of surface you will be using should determine the kind of shoe to buy. For instance, a road track is hard and might require a soft, well-padded shoe for training and workout while other grounds might just need lighter weighted shoe like in the aspect of running.

Evaluate your kind of foot
Analyze your foot type which might fall under the neutral, overpronation, under pronation foot type to determine your footwear, aside from the size of your feet, it has also been discovered that foot size equally increases regardless of age, meaning it's advisable to go for fitted shoe by which all foot fit in conveniently and not just the size length.

Body Weight
Consider your weight before buying your shoe. The heavier you are, the stronger and padded your shoe should be otherwise the shoe will relent in carrying the body weight faster than you think.

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Gym shoes or men's sports shoes come in varied patterns and fabrics, from classic to funky styles, and from leather to polyester, to meet different needs and tastes. For instance, a good pair of running shoes will boast barefoot technology and breathable fabrics that will make running a breeze. Whereas sturdy, waterproof sports shoes are available exclusively for hiking activities. So always choose the right kind of sports shoes to complement every need. We have an extraordinary collection of renowned footwear brands, you can find a wide range of sports shoes for men to buy online, offering excellent fit, comfort and style while flawlessly serving your purpose. Top that with our huge discounts and deals, shopping for men's athletic shoes could never get any better. Now you can work out with style. Order on Jumia today!