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Buy Samsung S10 On Jumia Uganda

As the number 1 Android smartphone in competition with the Apple iPhone, Samsung offers, as always, the best innovations you could only imagine phones could have. The Samsung S series is the brand's flagship that is renowned to have all the innovative specifications you can look out for. The Samsung S10 upon its launch in 2019, alongside the Samsung S10E and S10+, is regarded as the most innovative phone yet. Designed to bring the best of technology to your palm, the phone speaks more of performance than price. Its specifications and features make it the best choice for your high-performance use and interest. This new phone is designed to not just stand out but to stand apart.

Design and Display

As a fan of large-screen mobiles, this 6.1” phone would be a perfect fit for your hands and preference. Structured and designed with sleek curved sides that slope over the horizontal edges of the device, the screen offers infinity edge display laced with 1440p Dynamic AMOLED display with HDR10+ support and dynamic tone mapping technology, that allows you to enjoy the best of the viewing experience. Called the Infinity-O display, this screen allows you to enjoy every inch of your movies and games without distractions from bezels. Upgraded and optimized with a smart screen, the fingerprint scanner has been made ultrasonic and moved from the back to the front. Using ultrasonic pulses, it detects 3D ridges and valleys of your fingerprints making your vaultlike security totally invisible. This design has received the world's first FIDO Alliance Biometric Component Certification. Giving you the best with minimal damage to your eyes, the display is regarded as eye comfort as it has a fluid composite that reduces harmful blue light without changing the colour of what is on the screen. To ensure its durability, the screen is covered with a gorilla glass 6 and the rear glass is made of the gorilla glass 5. Available in prism white, prism black, prism green, and prism blue colours, you can choose your preference and enjoy technology in style.


Known for its sharp and autofocus camera resolution, Samsung doesn't disappoint with the multi-camera design. Explore your love and creativity for photography as this design allows you to imagine yourself as a professional photographer with a full kit of lenses in your pocket. With its fullscreen display, the 10MP selfie camera has been discreetly tucked away within the display without sacrificing image quality, with the use of precise laser cutting. The front-facing camera detects faces and focuses quickly for stunning self-portraits in a snap. Enjoy the best of your videos with the incredible 4K UHD video capacity with the front camera. The rear-facing camera comes in a set of 3 super cameras. It has a 16MP Ultra-wide, 12MP wide-angle and 12MP telephoto lens. With the telephoto camera, you can shoot 2x optical zoom and the ultra-wide camera delivers a 123-degree field of vision that allows you to fit so much into one picture. Enjoy taking your picture in the day or night without missing any details with the dual aperture and multi-frame composition that brings out the light in the dark, adjusting and optimizing the light before you tap the shutter. The super slow-mo feature allows you to grab and edit sections of your videos or record at 960 frames per second to create a super slow-motion masterpiece. The improved scene optimizer is an intelligent photo assistant that recognizes 30 popular subjects and helps to adjust your camera settings to the scene to help you capture the best shots available. The advanced machine learning incorporated offers you professional guidance and shot suggestions for taking stunning pictures.

Software and Hardware

The S10 performance edition boasts of high processing power that allows you to get better performance while using less energy. With a RAM of 8GB and ROM of 128/512GB expandable up to 512GB, you can power all the apps you want simultaneously and only have to delete anything when you feel like. Supporting the dual sim capacity, enjoy the use of the VoLTE connectivity that allows you to use your two numbers at the highest connection rate. The second sim slot doubles as a slot for the external microSD card. Enjoy optimum connectivity with the outside world with the intelligent Wi-Fi of up to 1.2Gbps upload and download, and LTE of up to 2.0Gbps download that connects you quicker to contents that you would love. The 3400mAh battery capacity allows you to go all day without worrying about recharging your battery. The intelligent battery has been customized to learn your daily routine and usage patterns to power down apps you don't need and manages your battery life using adaptive power saving mode. Enjoy fast charging and wireless charging capacity of the phone. The wireless charger duo pad has a turbo cooling fan that prevents your phone from overheating You can now power up your friends’ phones or your earbuds with your phone, just like a power bank would, only now, without the cords. The newly introduced wireless power share allows you to charge Qi-certified devices and other wearables like a wireless charger.

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