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Buy SD via Jumia Uganda

Memory card is an external device that is used to move data from one device to the other. Instead of putting the same data in various places, you can simply buy SD and enjoy an easy data transfer between all devices. They are used to hold all types of data either videos, pictures, documents, and many others. Get SD card at low prices from Jumia Uganda which offers all mobile accessories that you need for your phone.

Transfer Files Quickly and Easily!

Buy micro SD card from Jumia Uganda which is available in different storage capacities including 4GB memory card, 16GB memory card, 32GB micro SD card, and 128GB SD card. Looking for the best memory card price? Check out our SanDisk memory card collection. Move your files in seconds from your phone to any device by getting a new mobile memory card from Jumia UG. We’re offering memory card for phone from famous sources such as Kingston, Samsung, Kodak and many more. You can also access all files on your phone by simply inserting the card into your mobile.

Order Any Memory Card at Low Prices

Are you trying to copy materials from your phone to your computer? Get an SD card for phone which helps you transfer data from it to any device. Jumia Uganda is offering the best memory card at affordable prices that suit your budget. You can find earphones, chargers, batteries and many more in our mobile accessories catalog.