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Things like Mobile phones and tablets are very essential in this modern time especially for the purpose of networking. Mobile phones are one of the biggest inventions of the world. On this site there are a number of mobile phones from the biggest brands, they come in various sizes, style, colors and of course prices. On this site there are phones for everyone at very affordable prices. We have them in grades, they differ according to their years of production, it all depends on what you actually want. However, usefulness is of high priority. New generation of mobile phones called the smartphones are generally used all around the world. With your smartphone you can surf the web, send mails, make phone calls, send text messages, stay connected to your social media friends and fans, get directions using maps, set appointments and schedules, and so much more. It is more than just a device, they are the future. In choosing the perfect smartphone you need to consider a lot of things. Using smartphones will help you accomplish complex tasks and keep you entertained with the numerous engaging applications that are inbuilt and also can be uploaded on them, with a wide tablet from any of the big brands like samsung or Apple you can carry your cinema as you move around. The galaxy tabs are super clear and very user friendly they allow you collect and share apps with friends, that is just a few of the myriad of exciting features that make tablets must-haves. These Smartphones and tablets which mostly run on Android operating system which make them very useful for working, as they perform highly. On our site they are also phones tablets that run on Symbian, iOS, Blackberry OS and the Windows Operating system. Be smart, buy smartphones and tablets from Tecno, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Itel and many more here on Jumia.

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On this site, you are allowed to glance through a vast display of mobile phones and tablets on our mobile catalogue, our focus is on all the phone brands available, but at the same time, we carefully select the best devices for our customer's at the most competitive prices available. Competition is constant in the phone market; there are phone companies competing for the top positions among smartphones, however they all have their unique features that make them stand out among the pack, so you wouldn't be faulted for which ever brand that suits your requirements most that you choose. You can choose between a very stylish iphones 6 for super picture quality and snap chat features or a dashing Samsung Galaxy S6 for a super gaming experience and data sharing purposes. On this site you are assured phones and tabs at the most affordable prices, shop for an Apple tab from our Apple store or one of the super android phones, and for those who love social networking the Blackberry is a must get. Looking for the latest high-end smartphones or tablets don't hesitate to check Jumia today. Jumia also offers a wide variety of headphones and mobile phone accessories at great prices online