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Nokia 3310 Specification & Review

Many Africans would remember the Nokia 3310 as one of the mobile phones which gained entrance into the continent. The phone has also been remembered for several years for its unforgettable reliability and durability. While the phone went out of the market for a while, it’s back into the mobile phone market with better and more fascinating features than before. The new 3310 which has just been released is a drastic and commendable update from the last one. If you loved the 3310 years ago and have been looking for a phone just like it, then here it is for you. One of the improvements is the body design. Although the brand has done well to retain the 3310’s curvy and robust body, the phone now comes in not sharp, bright designs and colors. It comes in four colors including yellow, red, black and dark blue.

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Remember the legendary snake game? It’s right here on the phone, more fun and more interesting so that you can enjoy your free time engaging your brain in a worthwhile activity. The best thing that you would perhaps love about this mobile phone is the astonishing battery life and capacity that it has. If you like to leave the home without a charger and without worrying about your phone battery going off, the Nokia 3310 is just for you. It has a battery which can last for days and if placed on standby, could last up to a month. The phone also comes with a 2MP camera which can aid you in taking simple pictures. It is a great phone to have as a second and standby phone if you always want to remain online and connected to the people in your life who matter.

Nokia 3310 Specifications

The 3310 phone specifications include the following.

Internal Memory: 16MP

Display: 2.4 inches, QVGA

Camera: 2MP

Sim: Dual Sim

Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Colours: Red, dark blue, yellow, black

Network: 2G

Performance: Nokia OS 30+

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