Excitingly, the Nokia X runs on an Android platform. It weighs (129 grams) like every other 4 inch mobile phone out there in the market. It comes with three slots; one for the micro SD that can take up to 32GB and two for its dual SIM compatibility.

It has a generous internal memory of 4GB for photos, videos and music. The Nokia X features a 4" IPS LCD display of WVGA (480 x 800 pixels) resolution. It comes in different beautiful colors to match your lifestyle


The Nokia X features a single capacitive button for operation, if you want to go to the previous page worked on or you just want to move to the home screen.

The reality is that the phone has only one screen that actually contains all the apps installed on the phone, by swiping left or right you have all the access you need to apps and notifications with the help of the Fastlane. there is a load of notifications showing recent activities but it also possible to mark the apps you don't want to get notifications from.


Unlike other Android phones, the Nokia X does not enable access to the Google services such as Gmail, chrome and the play store but with Android's open-source, Nokia has merged the elements of Android with that of windows to make you have a new experience.

The absence of the Google play store does not prevent the users from having Android apps on the phone, you get to enjoy such apps in three different ways; by making use of the pre-loaded apps on the phone such as the BBM, Facebook and twitter or by getting apps from the Nokia store or getting apps via third party app stores such as SlideMe Market and the likes

This Nokia mobile phone features a 3MP primary camera that captures crystal clear images (impressive) even dark and soft light conditions. The pictures may not be too detailed but you are sure able to share them on social networks with no shame. The touch responsiveness is fast enough to compete with any other top touch screen phone out there. It is loaded with a 1GHz dual-core processor with a 512 RAM. It is also packed with a strong battery of 1500mAh that can last up to 10.5 hours of 3G talk time. Buy the Nokia X online as it is available in green, red, cyan, black and white; the phone has a quality speaker that produces loud and clear sound.