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Breast Feeding and Nursing

To mothers, breastfeeding is a personal matter which sometimes attracts strong opinions from family and friends. In Uganda, many medical authorities recommend that mothers breastfeed their babies. This is because there are certain things babies will benefit from this.

Breast milk provides the essential nutrition babies need. It is a good source of vitamins, protein and fat and is easily digestible than baby formula. Antibodies that fight against bacteria and virus are found in breast milk. Also, well breastfed babies are less prone to allergies. Some parents opt for exclusive breastfeeding which reduces the risk of ear infection, respiratory disease and diarrhea.

Nursing mothers also benefit from this; it helps burn fast, releases hormone oxytocin, lowers the risk of breast and ovarian cancer and may reduce bleeding after birth.

Must-Have Breast Feeding and Nursing Supplies

For new and expectant moms, buying and knowing the right nursing supplies to get can be overwhelming. Some go overboard while some are just lost on what to get. There are items that make nursing easier and are a must have.

For the first 2 weeks, you need soothies gel pads, lanolin cream, breast therapy pack to chill and relief sore nipples. Disposable pads, nursing pillow for support while breastfeeding and a nursing bra. Nursing cover and prenatal vitamins are essential products to have. The cover will be using for nursing in public for covering up. Others are breast pump for expelling milk, breast milk storage bag, feeding bottles and hands free pumping bra.

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