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Oats are used by both humans and animals and are commonly grown in the major parts of the world. Oats serve various purposes. Some of which are

  • Medicinal: it is believed that it protects against cancers and heart diseases, boosts immune system, stabilize blood sugar and soothe skin diseases
  • Agronomy: Grown to control erosion and used as fertilizer
  • Consumption: oats are used as an active ingredient in bread and some other baked products. It is known to enhance the nutritional value of these products as well as stabilize the fat components in bread. Oats are added in different fractions depending on the type of bread to be baked.
  • Oat flour is a major component in infant foods and often serves as the first solid meal a baby tastes. Oats are found granola bars, pan cake mixes and some beverage products. Some people use it tpo thicken soup and gravies.

Different Types of Oat Found Online

  • Instant Oats: This type of oat is pre cook and made by just adding water. They have little nutritional value. Instant Oats cook in 1 minute.
  • Quick Oats: This is the most popular in Africa. Quick oats are usually pre steamed, rolled thinly and are cut in small pieces. Also have less nutritional value and are mushy when made. This type of oat cooks in 1 minute.
  • Rolled Oats: They are not as processed as the two mentioned earlier. Therefore contain more nutrients and take longer time to cook. Like the quick oat, they are pre steamed to make cooking faster. Rolled Oats taste nice and are thicker. Takes 10 minutes to cook
  • Steel Cut Oats: Also called Irish Oats are neither pre-cooked nor rolled and has more nutritional value than all. This oat type takes the longest time to cook; it takes 10-20 minutes to cook

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