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Phone Holders

A holder is a type of device that secures a cell phone in a fixed location. It is also called a cell phone mount and it is usually known as a phone accessory. These mounts are normally installed in places where one needs to have his or her hands free to do something else. Aside from a person's car, mounts and holders can also be found on a bike or a motorcycle. There are many reasons why people get these mobile phone holders especially for their cars. Mobile phones are necessities for a lot of people and some people who drive choose to use their mobile devices while on the road, which is a very dangerous practice. Driving requires complete concentration, and talking on the phone can lead to serious accidents. Installing a mount for your mobile devices could be the best solution if you need to use your devices while driving. Instead of holding your gadget, you can get a phone holder which would allow you answer your calls and do other functions while your full concentration is still on the road. Therefore, there are certain reasons why people buy mobile phone holders especially for their cars.

Some of these reasons are:
• To prevent distractions on the road as a lot of distractions cause accidents. People who want to avoid looking around their places like pocket or purse while driving whenever the cell phone rings should consider getting a holder.
• To hear telephone conversations better. People driving can now make phone calls easily by placing the phone on the holder and placing the call on loud speaker. This will better enable drivers to hear their phone conversations more clearly whilst keeping their hands on the steering wheel when receiving or making a call.
• To listen to music without difficulty as this accessory will easily make a person change radio stations, change a song or playlist. Basically, a phone holder reduces the level of contact between a car driver and the mobile phone.

There are universal holders that can support any smart phone. The holders have adjustable straps and sockets so that the devices won't slide or fall out of place. Alternatively, you can also find mounts for different smart phone models. Picking a specially designed base can provide extra security for your device and even improve its functionality. Cell phone holders can be classified in one of two categories: universal and specific. Universal holders are made generally for any mobile phone while specific holders are made for particular phone models and they usually cater to just a single phone.

Types of Mobile Phone Holders

Dashboard holders: They are normally composed of two major components: a mounting disc with a glass-like surface at the top and non-skid material at the bottom. The second component is the cell phone holder with a suction cup that attaches to the mounting disc.

Windshield holder: These holders have suction cups that are attached to the car's windshield. This type has a vacuum lever to firmly attach itself to the glass. The holder can be adjusted to the direction of choice through a flexible gooseneck or another kind of bendable tube. Dashboard phone holders with suction cups often double as windshield holders and can be used either way.

Vent holder: Vent holders are clipped onto the air conditioning vents of one's car. Generally, most of these holders have a swivel ball so that the cell phone can be turned to the desired position. Most will allow the cell phone to switch between portrait or landscape mode.

Cigarette lighter holder: This kind of holder is plugged into the lighter port and equipped with a flexible gooseneck that allows the user to bend it to the desired position. This is great for those who have vents that are too small or if one does not wish to have anything obstructing the windshield.

Where to Buy Mobile Phone Holders

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