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Pictures are memorabilia that shows the good times we've had with our loved ones. They are the pieces we hold on to when they are no longer available to us. They give us cheer and joy and hope, and above all, they show love.

Pictures are rather delicate and may wear over time, especially if they're not keep safe and in a proper way. One of the popular ways people keep their photos safe is by keeping them in photo albums. Another way to keep photos safe, is by using a photo or a picture frame.

First of all, a frame is a rigid structure that surrounds something, say, a picture, a door or a window pane. Now, a picture frame is a frame that has been made to hold a picture. Why would people want to use picture frames? Here are some common reasons.

• Picture frames are good for home decor. Some of them are made in fancy materials that makes them more than a frame, but also a decorative item.
Picture frames tell a story. Your son's graduation, your daughter's first dance. All these could be put up on the wall when you use a picture frame in your home.
• Picture frames are a good way to safeguard your pictures.

There are different types of frames available. Some of them include:

• Shadowbox frames: these are deep boxes that have a glass covering at the top. They are usually hung or placed upright, like other photo frames. Shadowbox frames can be used to display more than one picture at the same time, kind of like a collage. They might not fit into every space because they protrude from the wall when hung.
• Digital frames: these feature a screen that displays a lot of digital images instead of physical photos.
• Clip frames: these are not technically frames, but because they are a rather popular way of displaying pictures, they are often called those. The photograph is placed between them, and small clips, usually made of some kind of metal, are fitted over each corner to hold it together. They are rather delicate and should be kept away from kids, so that they don't end up knocking it over.
• Float frame: in this kind of frame, there is space between the edges of the picture and the inside opening of the frame, giving the illusion that the picture is floating in the air.

There are also different materials with which frames are made. The popular ones include:

• Metal: these are durable and are produced in a wide variety of styles. Popular types of metal include bronze, brass, sterling and chrome.
• Plastic: these are very lightweight materials and are perfect for areas on the wall that cannot handle much weight.
• Wood: these can be made from any kind of wood, but one needs to be careful of the kind of wooden frames they buy and make sure they're durable.

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