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Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are any of a variety of speakers that either run on batteries or take power from their source such as a computer via a USB port. Types of portable speakers include portable radios, mini speakers, miniature docks intended for playing music from an MP3 player or iPod, or for connecting to a laptop on the go. Portable speakers are also called personal compact speakers and they are powered or active speakers with built-in amplifiers. They also contain active crossovers with multi-layer drives for a wider range of sound. Usually subwoofer, woofer, and tweeter multi-drive speakers are only seen in the highest quality portable speakers, but are still sometimes available in mid-range brands as well.

Portable speakers can be small or large and offer either very cheap or very high quality audio playback. Portable speakers can be made with a variety of different designs such as made specifically to be played with one media player, made to clip onto a bike, fit into a pocket, or even as a portable docking station for MP3 players or iPods.

Where to Buy Portable Speakers

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