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Every organization around the world makes use of printers. They are used to print text and graphics on paper. Printers are computer accessories or peripherals that are connected to the computer before it can be used for printing. There are various types of printers in the market and there are specifications to consider before buying a printer. Before making a purchase, decide on the type of you want; Inkjet printer or Laser printer. You need to know the operating system of the computer you intend using it with. There are some printers that support OS like Linux. Also, you need to know if you want a black and white printer or one that prints any colour. You might also prefer a printer that has wireless that is, you can connect to the printer via wireless instead of using cable. The major advantage of this feature is that the printer can be used by anyone on the same printer wireless network thereby allowing multiple users simultaneously rather than having to wait turn by turn in order to use the printer USB cable. Another important key specs is the printer speed. This is how fast the printer prints which is measured in ppm – pages per minute. If you the type that often need to print a document in a hurry, then you should pay a very close attention to the printer speed stated by the manufacturer. Other additional features a printer should have for fast and easy printing are USB ports and memory cards slots. With these two slots, you necessary don't need a computer before you print a document. This feature is required mostly by photographers and graphics artist so as to print high resolution picture at a go. You should also make sure the paper tray can hold as much paper as possible. Printers can be used at home or in the office. It is one of the most important computer peripherals that should be owned by everyone

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A Scanner is an essential home and office accessory that helps convert images and texts on paper to digital format. With a scanner, you can document any document you want, and save in on your system. The kind of scanner you need to buy high depends on what you plan on using the scanner for. If you desire to use the scanner to scan images more than paper document, then the Flatbed scanner is the best choice for you. If otherwise, then you go for a document scanner. The Flatbed scanner has an in-built glass plate accompanied with a lid where you place the image or object you want to scan while the document printer has a paper feeder mechanism used to load the paper into the scanner. You should also pay close attention to the scanner speed. This is how fast the scanner can completely scan a document. If you the type that works with scanning of large volume of documents, then this feature is key when choosing which scanner to buy. Another key feature is the whether the scanner is a simplex scanner that is it can scan one face of the document at a time thereby requiring you to flip to the other side in order to scan or is a duplex scanner that is it can scan both front and back page automatically. This is known as two-sided scanning. The scanning resolution is also important. No one will be happy to buy a scan that produces a blurry image of the scanned document or object. So be sure to note that the scanner captures these document at high resolution because the higher the resolution, the clearer and sharper the image.

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You can either choose to buy printers and scanners separately or you choose to buy them together as a single unit. There are some devices that have both the scanner and printer together. Depending on what you desire, most people will prefer to go for this product because it saves space of have a printer separately as well as scanner. HP Printers and scanners are majorly patronized worldwide. Also, 3-in-1 printers are widely patronized. You can get best HP printers and scanners deals on Jumia. printers and Scanners here online at low prices.