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Projectors are optical devices that projects an image onto a surface or projection screen. Whether you are preparing for a seminar presentation or movie night with friends and family, projectors give you that wide screen experience which is always wider than the screen size of TVs. There are ideal projectors for home, office, and classroom use because images and videos on big screen often leave a lasting impression. . They are designed to project rays of light especially with a system of lenses for projecting slides or film to a screen. Are you planning on hosting a large conference event that involves large population of people attending? If yes, then you need a high quality projector that can help with your lecture.

Projector Buying Guide

With the variety of projectors available online for you to choose from, it might seem a little confusing to decide which you would pick. With this guide, you can make up your mind because key feature to look for will point you in the right direction.

Technology: There are two main types of projectors which are digital light processing (DLP) projectors and liquid crystal display (LCD) projectors. The DLP projectors use mirrors to project images. They project image with high quality and no shadow. They are not as bright as the LCD projectors and they have a limited number of pixels. The LCD projectors passes ray of light through three colour panels which are red, blue, and green. They have impressive colour brightness, they are compact, they are vibrant 3D images without image ghosting, and they have good colour saturation. They lose colour overtime and colour uniformity is lower than the DLP projectors. Newer technology of projectors are LED projectors.

Aspect Ratio: This refers to the rectangular shape of the projected video or image. It is basically divided into two which are 4:3 which stands for video image with 4units wide and 3units high while 16:9 stands for 16units wide and 9units wide. The latter tends to delivery much more high quality image compared to the 4:3 aspect ratio.

Brightness: This is measured in lumen. They specify how sharp the image will be when projected in a room full of light. The higher the projector lumen, the brighter the video image will appear on the screen. For a suitable projector, a range between 1000lumen to 3000lumen is advisable.

Resolution: This refers to the number of pixels projected. It is usually measured in pixels. The higher the number of pixels, the sharper and clear the video image projected on the screen. For a suitable projector resolution, a minimum of 1280 x 720 pixels is ideal for home and office use.

Contrast Ratio: This refers to the difference between the light and dark on the screen. Comparing the brightest white on the screen to the darkest black with respect to the luminosity gives you the contrast ratio.

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