Samsung: the ultimate high tech company

Created 70 years ago, Samsung is globally present in the electronics market. The South Korean based Samsung Group is among the leading global manufacturers of consumer electronics, offering innovative items, designed to encourage sharing and communication. Samsung offers everything: mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, DVD-players and Blu-Ray players, Printers, Home Theater Systems, LED and LCD TV…

Samsung Mobiles Phones & Tablets

With Samsung Uganda, you can get the most sophisticated smartphone on the market like the Samsung Galaxy S5, as well as cheap cell phones which still offer high quality features. Since 2010 when the Galaxy S was released, Samsung has become the leader on the mobile phone market, challenging Apple itself. With the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and now Galaxy S4 and their amazing specs not to forget the Galaxy Core, Samsung is undeniably an essential player in the smartphone market and contributed to the success of the Android OS. The Korean brand also developed the powerful Galaxy Tab series which is among the best tablets in the market today. And with the Galaxy Note II, Samsung managed to provide the experience of a tablet in a smartphone.

Samsung TV & Home Theaters

Samsung offers a large choice of LCD, LED and Plasma TV. Samsung Smart TV was developed to help you control the content you want to watch. You can also easily browse and access Apps and Signature Services. And let’s not forget the Samsung Active 3D which offers the best HD experience. All of this with state of the art design and technology.