Shopping the right clothing for the right occasion

Do you have a date very soon or you are planning your big day? Maybe you want to attend a special red carpet event or you have huge plans for your vacation, whatever event you need to attend, there are a variety of outfits that should go with the different occasions you plan to join. Get ahead with the following tips so that by the time you find your choice, add to cart and get them delivered to you, you would have made an informed and smart purchase decision.


If you are planning to go on vacation, you need not pack heavy. Often, travellers buy items that won't be of use – this is not necessary for a mere get-away. Get a few light clothes for the beach and hot weather conditions accompanied with moderate accessories for the neck, wrist and don't forget to add a dinner jacket to the list. Be sure to also get something for cold weather such as jackets, mufflers and scarves. Do not forget to buy shorts for men, bikini wears too – you don't want to be caught wearing khakis to the beach, do you? To match your vacation outfits, buy flats and slip-ons for easy movement about, a beach hat, good pair of UV material glasses. Above all, have a good knowledge of your destination before listing the clothing items you intend to buy.

Party wear

Except when a particular dress code is specified by the host, deciding which cloth to shop and wear can be very tricky for both men and women. Shopping a perfect ladies' or guys' party dress? Play with bright and fun colours such as pink, polka dots as these will give you a stylish and sexy look that will stand you out among the crowd. It is also important that you know your body type be it (pear, athletic or hourglass) know your features and also the

For guys, a classy shirt paired with denim trousers will do be a great one. Take it a notch higher with the right clothing accessories, shop a smart fit check blazer and with a pair of value-priced leather shoes, you are good to go. Dressing up for those cocktail, dinner parties don't have to be stressful after all.

Workplace/Business meetings

Are you planning to attend a business meeting anytime soon? Shop the right outfit and create a good masculine impression. For business meetings, you should appear in business casual or strict formal suit-tie outfit styles – this applies to both sexes. A long sleeve or short sleeve shirt complemented with quality pant trousers or chino works for office party. Ladies can put up a simple appearance, a pair of chinos trousers, short or long sleeve shirts spiced up with a pair of stylish flat shoes will do.

For work, there are specified dress codes depending on the profession. But in some establishments any outfit is permissible as long as they do not promote indecency. The standard has been shirts and dress pants combination. Although, these days, there are different kinds of workplaces. If you work in a casual environment, this is no license to dress improperly.

Avoid wearing what is appropriate as an everyday wear to the office. Avoid slippers, vulgar prints and other types of outfit that give you away as indecent and rude. For instance, shirts with lewd inscriptions are a no-no considering that you may have to attend impromptu meetings at any time while at work. Consider getting sports jackets, unisex polo shirts matched with correct pair of casual shoes such as sneakers to draw attention to your sense of taste and style. For ladies, get non-revealing chiffon blouse, short sleeves or sleeveless tops to go with your khakis.

Sporting Event/Activity

There are different types of sports and events that people regularly attend or participate in. Are you prepared to go watch a derby football match this weekend or you just want to do some jogging? Whatever sporting event or activity you are participating in or attending, you need the right collection of sports clothes. There are dos and don'ts but we will treat the don'ts first.


  • Never wear a suit to a sporting event. Choose relevant sport apparel for such event
  • Never put on fake sportswear of your favourite team especially one that has misspelt names. Eg "Asenerl FC" instead of Arsenal FC
  • Don't wear a jersey for the wrong sport. For instance wearing a football jersey to a basketball event
  • Never wear tracks suits to a party they are meant for athletes


  • Find the right sizes even though most are stretch materials that easily fit the body
  • Wear quality fabric that would breathe well
  • Find the proper material for your sports outfit before shopping and you will find your sporting experience an enjoyable one.
  • Shop according to the kind of sports you intend to participate in

Wedding Ceremony

So you get a white or traditional wedding invitation and you are at loss with what to wear, don't be discouraged. Make good use of the shopping tips we have here for you. Looking for the best fit, color and style is really a lot easier than you ever imagined. Get either a dark blue or black men's suit as they are the most popular and easily worn. Thinking of a grey colored one? They are not really ideal as they serve more for casual events. Accessorize your suit with silk or cotton material tie however woolen or cotton material works best. When buying suits, get familiar with the right measurements, sizes so if you really love to appear dapper. Suit sizes can be Long, regular fit or short and they are not one size fits all choosing your suit size will depend on your body proportions.

For women, you don't have to go out of your way to buy suits; a high quality jacket over a silk vest will do when properly combined with a pair of cropped trousers and flattering medium sized chunky heels. For the perfect traditional outfit, choosing what to wear depends on the colour and tribe of the couple getting wedded. However, you can play safe by wearing quality African prints, not the best but permissible. Never put on an English wear to a traditional event it is out of place.