Reasoning behind rebranding

Something new is happening in Africa and Uganda is at the forefront. Following the unprecedented response to Kasuwa’s offerings, it’s become necessary to accelerate growth and integrate more seamlessly with the rest of the continent. Kasuwa is becoming Jumia, the largest online store across Africa! Jumia offers wider selection, more unbeatable prices and exceptional service anywhere in Uganda.

At Jumia, Ugandans can expect the latest mobile phones, laptops, electronics and home appliances. Additionally, there are over 20, 000 book titles and an extensive catalogue of beauty, hair, baby and children’s products. Jumia’s indeed the largest general retailer of consumer goods online.

What does this mean to you as a customer?

Q&A for name change

Q. Why have you changed your name from Kasuwa to Jumia?

A. The name has changed because we want to be part of a global brand that allows us to offer more to our customers. We have seen a great demand for our products and have decided to expand and become even bigger, hence offering a wider selection of categories. We are still the same company working hard to ensure a great online shopping experience in Uganda but Kasuwa is our former name; we are now officially Jumia.

Q. What does Jumia mean?

A. The word itself has no specific meaning but what becoming Jumia will mean for you as a customer is that you will have more variety to choose from on our website.

Q. What’s changing?

A. Just our name and our URL. Even though our new web address is, you’ll still reach us if you type in We’ll redirect you over to our new site.

Q. I have a Kasuwa account. Will I need to create a new Jumia account?

A. No, everything about your account stays the same.

Q. Is this change permanent?

A. Yes, this is permanent and we are really excited about our new name