Things I Want in My Kitchen

As a guy, I love good delicious meals. However, the problem is cooking takes almost all my time and energy, and right now my kitchen looks/feels like a torture room, instead of the art room it's supposed to look like. For me I presume from the way my mum's kitchen used to look like back then that cooking is more of an art than the extremely strenuous house chore I now. With different tech tools and kitchen appliances that have been invented to making the art of cooking as pleasurable and entertaining as possible, my kitchen should transform from its present torture room look to that of beauty and luxury. so I've decided that before I upgrade anything in my house again I have to update the engine room of my home which is my kitchen with modern kitchen appliances , utensils and master pieces to improve productivity and comfort.

I will share with you some of these machines and tools I intend to purchase to update the standard of my kitchen and save my time and energy. I have listed some of the items I really want and need in my new about-to-be-updated kitchen. Have a look.

1. Juice Maker

This machine is for quick easy, healthy drinks that will keep me refreshed while I prepare my meals and after, easy way to stay healthy and refreshed.

2. Blenders

Blenders are very multifunctional; they can be used to make all sorts of drinks and blends, also used to grind my cooking items together. They make blending ingredients very convenient for you. And most blenders come with sets of blades that give all your blended products the specific feel they want.

3. Manual Grinders/Meat Mincers

TThe meat mincer can be used to grind meat sausages and other dry food items for consumption. If you intend to carefully shred any food item this would definitely help.

4. Electric Kettle

The electric kettle would help you to easily prepare hot water whenever it's needed.

5. Steamer/Rice Cooker

This machine is used to make perfect looking rice and it cooks with speed. This steam rice boiler is needed for elegance and perfection.

6. Deep Fryer

To get that crispy yet not burnt chips or plantain, you need a steam fryer. It's easy to use, and can cover many items than the regular frying pan

7. Microwave

The microwave has plenty features and can be used for a lot of things. It helps to revive the old taste and temperature to each food item. Micro wave toasters are a life saver.

8. Gas Burner/Cooker

For this kitchen appliance, get the double burners which help helps you enjoy your cooking and it allows you multi task too. Get this to hasten your cooking.

9. Refrigerator

Refrigerators are for storage of our food and edible supplies. I need this because of how cool it makes your kitchen look.

10. Serving Dish Set

And finally here are your serving dishes. Get this, so that after you're done preparing your inviting meals, you can present it on an original designer server dish set.

With all my appliances in place, all that's left is for me to enjoy my upgraded kitchen and prepare my supposed tasty meals.