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Tie Tips

A tie is a long piece of cloth which is worn for decorative purposes around the neck. A tie is usually worn to rest under the shirt collar and to be knotted at the throat. There are different types of men's ties and some are the bow ties, the clip-on tie, the zipper tie, the cravat, the ascot tie, etc. Men wear neckties as part of their regular office attire or formal wear. A nice tie can bring a whole outfit together. Here are some basic tie tips to keep you ahead of your accessories game:

• No matter how tall you are, the tip of your necktie should hit right at your beltline; no inch below or above it.
• Your knot should not be too big or too small. Let your knot complement your collar.
• There are basically four types of neckties for guys to choose from: the standard length tie, the extra-long tie, the skinny tie and the knit tie which comes with a sweater-like knit composition with a square tip.
• Body type influences the size of tie to wear. This means that the bigger or wider your body, the wider the tie you choose to wear should be.
• A tie should be coordinated with the entire look and most importantly, with the shirt. Solid ties can be paired with patterned shirts and patterned ties should be paired with solid shirts.

How to Care for Your Ties

Ties are delicate; if you don't care for them, they can easily become worn and tattered. Here are some tips for you to effectively take care of your ties.

• Make sure not to pull the thin end of the tie through the knot when you want to take off your tie. This ruins the shape of the tie. It is best to remove your tie by following the steps you used to knot the tie, in reverse.
• Rather than roll up your ties to store them or stuff them in a drawer; it is better to drape them over a coat hanger or closet rack. You can also get a tie rack to help store your ties.
• Make sure to eat carefully while you have your tie on to avoid getting food stain on it. If you get a stain on your tie, make sure to blot it with cold water immediately so that the stain does not set in. If you get a greasy stain on it, put some talcum powder on the stain to allow it absorb the stain and then brush up later with a clean wet cloth.
• Ironing ties should be avoided. The best way to get d wrinkles off a tie is to use steam, using a hand-steamer.

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