Tips on How to Wear Men Suits with Sneakers

Sounds odd right? Like something you wouldn't do or see people do every day. Even when someone mentions it, you can imagine the look you would give. It just sounds like a total and utter fashion blunder. But this is a trend that we tend to see a lot these days, with men who enjoy experimenting in this way. Even wearing a suit without a tie is start to get dressed I suits the casual way, but now we going take up a notch and give you tips on how to pull off wearing a well-tailored suit with sneakers that is sure to make heads turn. The perfect modern style statement for fashion forward people.

This isn't shocking as much again, we all know this. And we are certain that suits and sneakers will maintain a healthy relationship. Maybe you want to start wearing suits more often and you are scared that you might appear a little up tight, so you want to appear a little playful.

Below, we have put together tips to help you pull this look off. Forgetting the trend and all that, this look says a lot when you wear it. It says you not wearing a suit because your job demands it, but because you enjoy and want to and give you this cool comfort while putting it on. The only problem is that it can be tricky to pull off.


• One of the main keys to pulling this off is to play off with the suits color and match with something that would go well with the sneakers. We see this with normal dress shoes like brogues or oxfords, where brown shoes go well with a grey suit or white with navy blue. As a man, you are sure to know how to get the right shoes for men.

• One of the main keys is to keep the sneakers low, low top sneakers are better fit for suits. Wear fitted trousers and high tops and you at risk of appearing somewhat rebellious and juvenile.

• As much as we would advise to match properly, the last thing you would want to do is blend the pattern of your suit with your shoes, keep the colours different.

• Some men are required by work to wear suits, but wearing a suit over the weekend to that dinner or event is totally your choice. Why not complement it with a pair of sneakers, this a perfect way to let people around you know that you are wearing the suit out of choice and not because you do not know the difference between networking and socializing.

• You mustn't always wear a dress shirt and a tie with your suit, you can play it down a bit with a stripe linen t-shirt or a shirt and a cardigan on top or just a dress shirt without a tie, but remember you want to keep it comfortable and semi-casual.

• Always as a well fitted suit and trousers on, anything short of this might not give you the striking different look you want.

• Experiment a lot with colours and patterns and styles, know what works for you and what you would be very comfortable with. Remember, if you don't feel comfortable wearing it then maybe it is not the right look to wear out for the day.

• A pair of Chuck Taylors might just do the trick. This is a pair of shoes that can arguable be the most versatile pair of shoes in your wardrobe as it allows you mix and try anything out with them, also being incredibly comfortable.

• Finally, if you are unsure of what sneakers to wear with your impeccably tailored suits then you check out this selection that was put together just for you.

Creative dressing is an art and we love to experiment. IF you walk the floors of banking or law, we would naturally advise that you stick to your oxfords, we don't want you getting fired or a query, unless maybe you are allowed to dress down on certain days of the week, then you can go right ahead. If you are looking to make this work well, then you have to walk with confidence and stick to the tips