Tools and Tips to Having a Perfect Garden in 2016

Gardening is a healthy outdoor activity that can be done at any time by any one or persons of any status or gender. Gardening offers a lot of fresh air and sunshine which is a good source of vitamin D. It is a moderate means of exercising, it beautifies our surrounding and best of all; you get to watch your very own vegetables and healthy fruits grow.

The problem of having a garden isn't always about how to start it but how to keep it running and make sure it produces fresh crops. If you intend to have an enviable garden, there is a need to care for it. To do this, you would need the right garden tools to make your work as simple and enjoyable as possible. Below are some items every gardener should own to achieve a perfect garden.


Rubber gloves are used to protect our hands from blisters. When working, it is important to protect our hands. The gloves protect you from getting hurt while using other gardening tools. It also protects you from germs.

Watering Can:

Watering is a fun chore. To get that old traditional feel and personal connection with your plants, get a watering can and water your plants daily. You can use sprinklers to water your garden. For me, I think it's more fun to do it yourself.

Digging Spade:

The spade helps to dig around the garden, used to clear pathways and slice through the ground for planting.

Mattock Hoe:

This is mainly for the younger and stronger generation; it's for the tougher work used to break through hard surfaces or grounds in the garden. It is used to ensure a smooth germination process for plants.

Hedge Sheer:

It's used for trimming the excess leaves on trees. To have a perfect garden, we need to routinely trim the edges. This is an easy to use tool that gets the job done, as well as carves out your desired design.

Leaf Rake:

The leaf rake is long and helps you keep an upright posture while clearing leaves and dirt off your garden. Keep your garden neat and glammed up at all times.

Garden Trowel:

The trowel is an important tool for gardening. It's used for poking, weeding, planting and picking. In a garden, its usefulness is enormous.

Garden Basket:

This can be used to transfer tools and seeds around the garden as you work.

Lawn Mower:

This depends on how big your garden is. If it's a small garden you can hand weed it yourself or use a leaf cutter depending on its size.


Finally, this is very essential for your plants to grow fast. For smooth growth, apply organic fertilizers once in a while.

With these implements and tools, you can now safely take care of your garden and have maximum fun while you're at it.