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Treadle Pump

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Product Location:Central Region - Kampala
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Treadle Pump
Pressurized Colored, Powder Coated
Construction of Treadle Pump
Essentially the pump has following parts
1. Pump body having two parallel cylinder and valve box, blue Color & Powder coated
2. Two-piston assembly fitted with Cam & Chain arrangement, blue Color & Powder
3. Tow mild steel Tread les rectangular far hollow pipes, blue Color & Powder
4. Rubber Valves & Cu ps (Buckets)
5. T-Hand Ie having hollowed pipe, duly hot dipped galvanized.
6. Power coating eliminates the chances of rusting & resu Its in longer life.
• The discharge of water ranges between 1400— 1600 liters
• The pumps is easy to install, requires little maintenance and can eas ily be repaired by the user.
• Minimum operating costs, as it requires no fuel or electricity.
• The AWAY Tread Ie Pump effectively irrigates land holdings.
AWAY Treadle Pump is best suited to water levels less than 7m below the ground level & has a total pumping head of ISm. its use is recommended to lift water from ground or
Max. Suction Depth 7 m (2 3 ft)
Max. Pumping Height 15 m (46 ft)
Irrigation Capability/ Day 2 acres
Push Water Distance (flat ground) 2 00 m (656 ft) of Sprinklers Powered 5

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