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Entertainment is incomplete without the TV set. Get varieties of TV for all the top renowned brands like Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, and LG in Uganda with the most ultra-modern designs, very exceptional color and contrast. You can now enjoy all your favorite TV programs and news at high definition. Sell Samsung HD TV or any other LCD, LED or Plasma TV, and make profits on Jumia. We have a lot of best deals on smart televisions as well as HD TVs. We have a wide range of different types such as smart HD TVs along with plasma technology. They come in different screen sizes which ranges from less than 20 inches to 55 inches above. You would get all this at a very affordable price so would enjoy better quality for your money. With the wide range of products available for you to choose from, you narrow down your requirements using our filter tool at the top of the category page and get what you want. Alternatively you can check out our full selection of TVs to get the perfect one for you. Enjoy movies and more on the go with our collection of Portable DVDs like the EVD Video DVD players. Play virtually all digital media files anywhere you want it. Order now from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to you. You can get a lot of interesting options which are good enough for home as well as office use. Enjoy big screen theater experience at home with LED sets. Also, find other appliances that would work well with the TVs like Home Theater systems, speakers, decoders, and more. Jumia is always the best place to get a good deal, if you looking for a state-of-the-art TV with clear imagery viewing, great sound quality and an overall excellent user experience. Search through this category for projecting with high image quality at discounted prices from our trusted sellers. We offer all these and a whole lot more at the lowest prices and authenticity guaranteed.

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Capture moments, memories, excitement, happiness, joy, laughter with quality Cameras, the digital cameras available on this site don't just capture moments they also create history. Start with cameras from Kodak or Olympus and when you intend to go pro use a Nikon and Canon. You can now store experiences and have moments and memories for that would last for life, all that is needed is a user friendly camera to capture that moment (perfect memory) and save if for the future generations, there is no better way of getting life images that would last that long except you get a standardized Camera that is authentic and reliable. This kind of super cameras can be gotten right here at very affordable prices. Relive memorable moments that feature friends, families and loved ones with top class cameras, show the next generation your experiences and times before they were born, display your most enjoyable moments for the world to see on social media or on hard copies using best cameras at competitive prices online

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Technology has developed and gotten to a stage of continuous advancements and technological growth, this progress has prompted people to change the lifestyle. There are new electronics for every different task in homes. This days you hardly find old ancient accessories like for cooking and cleaning the house. People are quickly moving towards electronics that would make their lives more relaxing and refreshing. And the reasons why people are accepting this innovations isn't so hard to see. First is with electronics the house becomes more refreshing, more entertaining and in all beautifies the homes. The automated functionalities of modern electronics is even an added reason, there are now speakers and cameras that perform on a professional level but can be operated effectively by a teenager without any experience. People can now enjoy their home with easy to use and affordable home appliances. Solar panels that help you have uninterrupted power supply, making sure you never miss out on any of your favourite shows. There are lots of other electronic products you can purchase without having to exceed your budget. Do you need quality sound system in your home or you just want headphones that you can make use of on-the-go? Discover your favourite gadgets and electronics here regardless of the make or model. We have on offer an extensive selection of electronic products for use at home, on the go or at the office. We have quality loud speakers here and fashionable headphones from the best brands. We also have car stereo and mp3 players to keep you entertained as you move around town. For all your digital entertainment, check out our selection of LCD TV, Plasma screen & Projectors. To view your favorite movies, choose the best of digital technology with Blu-ray players, amazing definition for new sensations, always at best prices. You can also fall for a Canon camera, or a Nikon camera, to keep your holidays or family memories forever! What's more, find suitable rechargeable lamps for use at your home so you don't have to be in the dark when there is power outage. The rechargeable lamps serve as a temporary supplier of light to the room before the generating sets is switch on. You will find generating sets from brands like Suzuki and Yamaha on Jumia. Jumia is your one stop destination for electronic products as Beat Pill, Camcorders, digital and professional camera, generators, HD projectors and a lot of others. As essential as electronics may be in our everyday life, the fake ones may cause fire in your home so you are advised to shop for your electrical appliances with caution. You don't want to be toasting bread with your electric toaster and get a fire outbreak from thence. Products on Jumia represent quality, safety and the best deals you can find anywhere online so go after any one electronic product you need here and you can rest assure that it will serve you well.