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USN Power & Cramp PHOSPATE & POWER LOADING series tablets

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The market leaders in sports nutrition, helping our customers achieve goals from weight loss to muscle building.We provide a wide range of premium supplements to support a variety of goals in a wide range of refreshing and delicious flavours.
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Introducing the USN Power & Cramp tablets aimed at providing you with time-release electrolytes and minerals and optimise your performance.

Phosphate and Power Loading

Vital Minerals and Electrolytes

Fights Muscle Fatigue

What is the Power & Cramp?
From the Pure Fit range, the USN Power Cramp are time-release tablets which provide you with the nutrition to support the reduction of muscle cramping and muscle fatigue.

The aim is to support your fitness challenge so you can endure the most difficult run or the enduring cycling route.

What are the benefits?
We want to support your challenge whatever it is and from experience and research we know that a fitness or endurance challenge can be a significant advantage to propel your exercise.

The USN Power & Cramp is aimed at supporting the reduction of muscle fatigue… that’s the horrible cramping effect you feel in your legs and arms for example. The electrolytes and minerals in our tablets replenish your body to maintain normal muscle function under the most strenuous conditions.

Is this product for me?
Give yourself the edge, whether you’re taking part in your first triathlon, or you’re a seasoned vet in your local marathon, supplementing your body with the USN Muscle & Cramp can be vital and is aimed at anyone looking to improve their endurance or fitness challenge.
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