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Water Dispensers

A water dispenser is an appliance which is designed to dispense hot or cold water. A water dispenser can also be called a water cooler and there are different types of dispensers:

Wall-mounted dispenser: This type of water dispenser is connected to the building's water supply. Wall-mounted dispensers are also called water fountains or drinking fountains.

Bottom load dispenser: This type of water dispenser usually has the water bottle on the bottom part of the dispenser.

Tabletop dispenser: This type of water dispenser is made specifically to be placed on table tops and counter tops. They are usually the smaller sized freestanding dispensers.

Freestanding dispenser: This type of water dispenser comes with a bottle of water which is placed sprout-down onto the dispensing machine. It is the most popular type of water dispenser.

Tips on Using Water Dispensers

• After your new water dispenser has been delivered to your home or office, it is advisable to let it stand upright for about two hours before connecting the appliance to the power source.
• Make sure to flush the reservoir and water lines with fresh water before you use.
• If your water dispenser will not be used for a long period of time, make sure to unplug the power supply cord.
• Never use water bottles with any crack, leakage or holes.
• Always make sure that the back of your appliance is put in places where they can be shaded. Keep this part of your appliance away from wall and high-temperature elements. Moreover, place your water dispenser away from your TV and other valuable devices.
• Always make sure that the heating switch on your water dispenser is turned off when there is no water in your bottle.
• Regularly check your water receptacle; if it is full, make sure to pour the water out in time.

Water Dispenser Maintenance Tips

• Always remove power plug from main socket before cleaning your water dispenser.
• Never use detergent or cleaning chemicals harmful to the health to clean your dispenser.
• Do not directly spray water on the surface of the water cooler, instead, wipe front and back of the appliance with a soft damp cloth.
• After cleaning your water dispenser, make sure to allow it completely dry before connecting it to your power source.

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