Weird Ways to Use a Selfie Stick

The word Selfie became really popular as a buzzword in 2013 and has since then grown from being just a word to a cultural phenomenon. Do you know that Time Magazine Online named selfie stick as one of the Best Inventions of 2014 among others such as Hover board; filter that resists Ebola and other inventions that you are probably aware of? Do you own a selfie stick or not sure of the reason you should buy one? Who says a selfie stick is just an object? Let us explore the amazing ways you can use your selfie stick.

Ladies! Flaunt your Backside

Yes. First it was a selfie stick; finally, a way to take a picture of your backside to share on social media was implemented and someone built the belfie stick which basically does that for you! - It is said to have come from the creators of the site — a website built to connect people. The Belfie Stick creators have created accounts on social media. You could tell the idea was from the selfie stick; so go ahead girls and take a picture of your backside to share on social media to blow someone's mind away.

Spy Cam Support

Instead of leaning forward to peek at someone, you could simply stretch the stick with your phone attached. You wouldn't even need to worry about balance or settling your device on a spot. Trust me, you can't spy so well without a selfie stick. The long sticks works best.

Thorough Cleaning Tool

I couldn't believe this cleaning tip until i tried it too. Attach a cleaning object such as (a foam or duster) in place of your phone to clean distant areas your hands will not reach. It's heavily dirty. I know! But this is a sure way to clean tight spots and corners in the house.

Attachment to Other Sticks

How long is your selfie stick? Long enough to take the photo of your entire family at once? With a really long selfie stick, you could show off more, even an entire building. If you don't have a long selfie stick, you could easily attach your short stick to a longer object or stick. Most selfie sticks come with remote controls nowadays. Works like a charmed multi-use-selfie-stick.

As Antenna for Better Phone Signal

Does this come across to you as hilarious? Well, that is basically what the selfie stick would do if it's called a "Network stick." Regardless, it could be used to acquire better signal. With your phone or tablet high up in the 'sky', and your Bluetooth wireless receiver plugged into your ears, you can actually get a clear signal when you make or receive phone calls. Give it a try today. The selfie stick could contribute to other areas of our life. Like lend an extra hand... It can also be used as a weapon to defend one's self against attack.

A Walking Stick

Believe it or not, the selfie stick can also be used as a walking stick. The adjustable arm of the stick will certainly help to hit the ground as the user walks. Especially to visually challenged people, the stick can be very handy, only ensure that the Bluetooth connection is turned off while you use you multi-purpose selfie-walkie stick.