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This is a family of smartphone developed by Microsoft as a successor to the windows mobile and zune. Windows phone has been redefined and recreated to rank amongst one of the top mobile phone operating system in the world. One of the major marketers of the windows phones is the Nokia due to their partnership with Microsoft. In an industry dominated by Android phones and iPhones, Windows phones have shown class and style, thereby getting to the same level as the earlier two mobile operating system mention. One can't talk about mobile OS with mentioning the windows phone mobile OS.

Windows Phones Buying Guide

There are several smartphones available for one to choose but here are major reasons why you should go for these particular phones:
Major Brands: Aside Nokia running the mobile OS, there are other top smartphones that run the windows phone OS which are Huawei, HTC, Acer, Archos, Microsoft, and more. Explore these smartphone models along with their specifications.

Operating System Version: There have been three major versions which are windows 8, 8.1, and 10. The windows 8 was the first touch screen compatibility operating system and it was developed in 2012. The latest of this series is the windows 10 with comes with much more improved features and a better user experience (UX). You are also certain to get notification on new mobile OS once Microsoft rolls out a new windows OS.

Access to OneDrive: Similar to the Google drive and iCloud, the OneDrive is a cloud storage developed by Microsoft. It is an online storage space that comes with the windows phone. It allows you backup important files and documents thereby giving your more free storage space on your smartphone. The interesting thing about the OneDrive is you can access your data anytime and anywhere around the world. It is the safest place to keep a backup of all necessary information.

Meet Cortana: Cortana is an online personal assistant for all windows phones. Similar to Siri on iOS and Google Now on Android, Cortana is intelligent and can understand instructions and commands directed at it. It can set reminders, answer questions regarding weather, traffic, sport scores and fixtures, surf the web automatically, and more. All you need to do is use your voice to tell Cortana what to do. It can also understand several other languages aside English such as Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Italian.

Improved Security: Everyone loves a sense of privacy when it comes to their smartphone especially when you have important files and documents on it. The windows hello is one of the most secured mobile security software in the world. It is integrated in the windows phone 10. It gives you two options with biometric such as fingerprint scanner and facial recognition. You can also use your windows passport details to sign in to your device.

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