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What to Know about Women's Fashion Boots

Women's fashion boots came were just a bit popular in the nineteenth century, but became a high fashion item in the 1960s. By the 1970s, they had transcended into a widely popular fashion item that even women of the 21st century would agree is an important fashion item to own. Fashion boots are slightly different from the other kinds of boots that are used for utility purposes, like the riding or hiking boots; these boots are worn for style and fashion. They come in various lengths and are worn casually, formally or on a business attire. They are quite stunning and boost an outfit from being simple to being both simple and classy.

Boot shoes come in different styles, and some of them are listed below:

Knee high boots: these are over the knee styles that could come in high or low heeled designs. They go perfectly well with miniskirts and tights or leggings.
• High heeled boots: like the name suggests, the heels come in different heights, but they are definitely high. Dresses, paired with these kind of boots could turn a cool outfit into a great and stunning one.
• Low heeled boots: of course, the folks who prefer low heels will not be left out. You can go for one of these if you're a lot more comfortable with lower heels. They would still go very well with your dress.
Wedge boots: this style is a perfect solution for one who wants a balance between high and low heels. Wedge platforms are very balanced and even if you're not a lover of heels, you could always try these ones and still be comfortable. And of course, they come in varying inches.
• Chunky heel boots: for that rock star, "go girl" look, your chunky heel boots would come in very handy. With your leather jacket, you have a complete apparel to give you the dare devil look you're looking to achieve.
• Flat boots: like the name implies, flat boots come with flat heels. They the best bet for people who want to feel comfortable all day long and do not want to have to compromise on the low heeled boots.

Boots go very well with skinny jeans, short dresses, leggings, miniskirts and tights. Paired with a nice top and sometimes, a blazer jacket, they totally take your whole attire to another level of style and class. They come in different materials like suede and leather which are durable and long lasting. And the best thing about them is, they allow you wear miniskirts or short gowns on a cold day, because they cover the legs and protect you from the cold.

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