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Clothes are a necessity for humans, because of the many important functions they come with. Clothes are materials worn on the body, made with fiber and textile materials. One fun fact about clothes is that they are worn only by humans and they not only serve as a fashion item, but they provide modesty to the body and also protects it from exposure to the elements. Clothes are worn by men and women alike, and new types and styles have come up over the years. It is a major part of fashion and as fashion trends change, the new ideas that pop up are mostly related to new clothing.

One of the most fun things to discover are the different kinds of women's wear there are.

Women's dresses: this is a one piece garment consisting of a top and skirt, worn mostly to formal parties and events.
• Women's jackets: this is a mid-stomach-length garment worn on the upper body. It has sleeves, which could be any length and has a fastener for the side or the front. It is generally lighter than a coat.
• Women's shirts: these are garments for the upper part of the body. A shirt usually has a collar, sleeves and a front opening.

Other pieces of women's clothing include pants, jeans, polo shirts and blouses and even underwear. There are so many to talk about, the list would be endless.

One of the things to consider when shopping for women's clothes is the kind of body one has, and what kind of clothes would suit it.

• Straight body type: here, the hips and bust are roughly about the same size, and the waist is smaller than the bust and the hips. For body types like this, go for keyhole and sweetheart necklines, bandeau bikini tops, peplum and A-line dresses, high neck polo shirts and maxi skirts.
• Pear body type: this kind of structure features hips larger than the bust, with the waist gradually sloping out to the hips. For people with this kind of structure, go for sweetheart necklines, bikinis with shirt style briefs, full skirts, boot cut jeans, camisoles and high waist skirts.
• Hourglass figure: the bust and hips are basically the same size and the waist is well defined. With a body like this, one can go for scooped necklines, cutout swimsuits, body con dresses, skinny jeans, V-neck polo shirts and fishtail skirts.

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Our clothes and the way we dress says a lot about our personality and the a little bit of the kind of person we are. This is why it is important to always dress smart and look neat, because you're saying a lot about yourself without even having to open your mouth.

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