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All across the world, jeans are considered a fashion standard. Jeans started as trousers for farm workers and miners because of their durability and strength. But with the advancement in fashion technology, this article of clothing has fallen into anyone and everyone's closet. Every person wears jeans, regardless of age, gender or demographic. Ideally, jeans were worn because they were affordable and strong. Their durability avoided them from being torn so easily, unlike other trousers and pants. On a more practical note, jeans held a number of advantages as well, seeing as they did not need to be washed and cleaned as often as other pants and trousers did. Women, in particular, did not even have to iron theirs. And with the rise of the working class women of today, this became quite a convenience, seeing as most women had less time for housework. And now being the era of advanced technology, the fashion industry has decided to bank on these articles of clothing, creating more and more styles and designs of them. Nowadays, jeans have become a clothing standard for almost all women, as they fall into a number of categories, shapes, and sizes. You can now wear jeans all week round without any problem of 'rebounding', more so because now there is literally a type of women's jean designed to suit different occasions. Uganda's number one online marketplace takes this into account and provides a vast range of women's jeans that will probably leave you spoilt for choice. From stone-wash jeans and boot-cut jeans to whiskered jeans and skinny jeans, you name it, Jumia's got it! At an affordable price, you can get your hands on (or legs in) a pair of classic high waist denim jeans from O & K, or even a pair of trendy ripped denim jeans from Lee. If you are one of the types that spends days in the clothing stores in a bid to find the perfect article of clothing to flatter your silhouette, Jumia is probably the solution to all your problems. You won't even have to move a muscle. Simply kick back and browse our wide range of jeans for women and once you have spotted the 'apple of your eye', simply click buy and regardless of whether you are at home or at work, it can be delivered to your doorstep within no time.